SPIBelt – A what belt?

I love Instagram, I’m forever on it (tri.runner.ella), posting on it, hash tagging a hash tag, commenting on the new Pokemon go craze.  So when someone I follow kept mentioning her SPIBelt I clicked on the hashtag and had a look.  One thing led to another and I was very kindly sent one to try out and review! 

SPIBelt stands for Small Personal Items Belt.  A belt that fits those things you really can’t leave at home when running like the front door key or a gel if you’re anything like me and have forgotten to eaten so need a boost! It’s essentially an adjustable strap that goes round your waist with a stretchy pocket.  Sounds perfect right? 

I decided to try it out at Park Run this morning as I have no pockets in my shorts and dare I say it I drive there (yes I know, extremely shameful, I won’t tell you how close I live but if you squint you can probably see my house from one place on the route).  So I always have at least my car keys and I take my phone as a safety net.  I got the belt in light pink with the black strap and to be honest it goes quite well with my other brighter pink tops.  It’s not in your face and demands attention which, for me, is a no no.  

At the start line and I put my keys in and zip up.  I’m a bit worried it’s keys in a pocket and they are going to jiggle around attracting everyone’s attention so I know the minute that happens the belts coming off.  The horn goes and we are off. I click my Garmin and focus on trying to beat last weeks time.  To my surprise it’s over a full kilometre in before I even remember I am wearing the belt! The keys are not jiggling, the belts not moving, there’s no rubbing – it’s all fine. A little further up a friends partner appears beside me and says hello.  I self conscientiously put my hand to the bottom of my top to make sure it’s not riding up and my ‘mum stripes’ aren’t on show and it’s not! It’s not moved.  

On to the end and I thankfully do beat last weeks time, still not my best Parkrun but it’s getting there.  Maybe next week ha ha.

So the results of the SPIBelt are all positive.  It’s comfortable, there was no rubbing.  It’s not in your face so doesn’t make you feel a bit self conscious.  The items don’t move around inside.  It doesn’t pull your top up.  I actually can’t find anything wrong with it.  They are even surprisingly inexpensive – my husband may very well be receiving one in his Christmas stocking this year!  I have a 10km trail race tomorrow so will test it out again on a further distance but I can’t see there being any issues.  

Check them out at http://www.spibelt.co.uk and check back on my blog too as hopefully I can get a discount code for you!