A break away

Joe and I are just back from our little trip away to celebrate our anniversary.  It didn’t quite go to plan as the weather was exceptionally hot and, well, I’m Scottish, so anything over 10 degrees is hot for me – and we were hitting 28 degrees everyday!  We did still manage time out on the bikes though and I’m pleased to say I’m definitely more cycle confident now.  On the first day we went down through Arisaig.  Some of the initial climbs were quite steep but man what a difference on a road bike.  We stopped at the end of the road and watched an old man sail past in his canoe – the water was so clear it was gorgeous!


confidently wearing my shorts 🙂
Back at The Shed and we dropped the bikes off and headed in to Mallaig.  The Jacobite Steam Train was there and that was quite awesome to see.  We booked our day trip over to a place called Inverie which is only accessible by boat or a 3 day hike. We then had the traditional fish and chips in a pub where the waitress didn’t quite get our humour (we asked for half the fish breaded and the other half battered ha ha).  After tea we went back down the beach and I braved the sea!  Well up to my waist at least ha ha.  It was freezing!  Might have been 28 degrees weather wise but that sea wasn’t.  We watched the sun go down on the beach and had a long walk along it, climbing the rocks and just chatting away.

Our trip to Inverie was fantastic.  Our bikes drew a lot of attention – especially on the boat.  We were told many times there were no roads there, bit late as we were already on the boat but we decided to just take it as it was.  An older man pointed out a route he took a few years ago but did say it was a track road, no Tarmac. We took the road anyway and oh my word it was gorgeous! Just riding along right by the sea it was beautiful.  The road was OK as well, some Tarmac but mostly a gravelly route but we coped ok, not a single puncture.  There had obviously been some work done on it.  We started to climb quite slowly, and then suddenly very sharply!  I didn’t think I was going to make it to the top but I did and man that felt good.  Until however, I realised I would have to go down it! I named my bike Downhill Daisy – I was pooping myself.  I survived though, and after 1136 feet of elevation gained we had a refreshing drink in the remotest pub in Britain – The Old Forge.

We managed a swim that night but unfortunately the sun had got to me too much and combined with missing the kids and bottling up my anxiety about it I had a migraine and struggled to get to the showers to try and calm it down.  We watched the sun go down again on the beach but I was falling everywhere on the rocks from the pain in my head and chest so we passed on the champagne and strawberries I had brought.

Thankfully the next morning I was feeling better (probably because I was going home that day to see the kids) so I went for a morning run.  I say run but I stopped that many times to take photos it was more of a stroll!  I loved it, running right next to the coast the views are immense.  It was only 4 miles as I was conscious we were leaving, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  I wish I had managed to get out running more.

Our time away was just what I needed and just what Joe needed.  We didn’t get to do as much training as hoped due to the unexpected weather but it was great and relaxing.  I now feel much more confident on the bike for the triathlon next weekend too!

So yeah, triathlon next weekend then the marathon weekend after – exciting!