Total Warrior Scotland 2015

It’s done – I accepted the challenge and completed it! And man was it bloody cold! I know it’s Scotland ok but it turned in to true winter weather today with the rain and cold wind blasting away at us.  Still, we did it!

Louise came round in the morning and said her leg was really hurting her so I gave her some ibuprofen gel to put on it.  Other than that she was good to go so off we went – surprisingly early for us.  Good thing too though as it turned out to be so much further than I first thought! 2 hours away – quite a drag in the car when you aren’t prepared for that.  Luckily though because we had left early we didn’t run late.

Soon as we got there we headed to the registration tents – set up according to surname so unfortunately for Louise she was at the other side from us (she starts with C and we start with W).  We all had our ID ready but we weren’t asked for it, given our race pack and off to the lovely portaloos we went.  Then bibs on, race chip on, tattoos on and jumpers off.  It was absolutely freezing – a short sleeve vest wasn’t a great choice.  So a few photos then it was off to bag drop and heading to the start line.

To be honest, the event village was nothing compared to Tough Mudder.  TM might be very commercialised but it has a much, much better atmosphere and it has the experience nailed.  They really knew how to get you fired up! It was just a bit flat at Total Warrior compared to that.  Anyway, off to the start line and it wasn’t long before we were off! 

No sooner had we started though that Louise’s leg really started to hurt her – she couldn’t really manage the hill sprints at the start so she joined quite a few others in skipping them.  The water obstacles were not as cold as what I’ve done before so I was ok with them – the water was deeper though and I actually had to swim on one of them much to my husbands amusement! Good thing I’m taking lessons ha ha.  There was so much more mud on the course though – probably thanks to the rain.  And some of the obstacles were ‘curious’ to say the least.  One was a giant tarpaulin slide down the hill to which I crashed literally head first in to Louise’s back. I have a lump. I managed the Hang Tough one! At least to the end of the ladder, it then had rope and that just ripped through my hands so I went down right at the end.  There was a surprise sprint section of about 100 – 150m but I decided not to go completely at it given I have the half marathon next weekend and didn’t want to risk slipping in the rain and getting injured.  Still managed a respectable 22secs though.

We finished together – there were loads of photographers but none at the end which I found really strange and the only reason I asked my husband to wait for us.  Typically though as soon as we finished I got the shivers so it was straight to the car to change – no showers are provided.  What? No showers? But I had at least half a ton of mud in my bra, down my trousers and up my ……. Ok, time to focus.  I know at this point time is of the essence and I have to get in to warm, dry clothes as fast as I can. Stuff it, I will just strip.  The closest people are opposite so I can hide behind the car door.  After the usual fight with the vest it comes off and is unceremoniously dumped on the floor, closely followed by the sports bra.  Towel wrapped round and I walk to the boot to get my trousers and what comes along? Yup, a group of blokes, at the very next car. I quickly turn round only to be met by another group of blokes just 2 cars over.  Well, do you know what? In for a penny in for a pound, trousers off and I’m butt naked apart from my towel, which, in the wind, is about as much use as wet toilet paper.  

I am truly past caring at this point and all I want is a bloody cup of tea so yeah, if they looked, they saw everything.  Do I care? Not a bit! I’m sure they will have seen worse (at least I hope so!). I got dressed and jumped in the car to warm up before we headed for a cup of tea and a burger.

Heading home we did the usual ‘review’ and concluded that 1.  Louise did extremely well with her injuries.  2.  The obstacles were not as hard as we thought they might have been.  3.  We will do Tough Mudder next year, but probably not Total Warrior unless they make improvements.  4.  We did it in a damn good time.

So this Tough Mudder is now a Total Warrior and in 2 weeks time I will be a Beast too.  With the small matter of a half marathon in between.  Can’t wait! I will however remember a very large towel!


Another ‘Night Before’

This time it’s Total Warrior.  And this time the hubby is doing the event with me! (Along with a friend).  Managed to convince him to sign up eventually – nothing at all to do with the fact his brother is doing it too and I just went ahead and bought his ticket a few weeks ago, nothing at all.  Had actually hoped to convince my brother as well but to no avail.

We are not packed, it’s us, we don’t do ‘organised’.  We are ready in the sense of physical fitness though.  All the training I’ve been doing I am hoping will carry me through not only this event but the next 2 – the Scottish Half Marathon and then the Beast Race.  I’m maybe being a little naive but now I’ve got 10 events under my belt I’m feeling more confident, and it certainly helps knowing he will be by my side the whole way this time.  My friend who is joining us is the same girl who did the Moonwalk with me.  Nope, not done any training together, she has a busier social life than the Kardashians put together! She has also hurt her leg quite bad so we know she’s going to have to skip some obstacles but not to worry, I’m sure she will finish. 

I should probably write a little check list of what I need.  Running gear, old trainers, clean underwear (it’s an obstacle course and you get submerged, I hopefully won’t need it for any other reason!!) towel, warm jumper for the inevitable shivers afterwards, gloves, red bull, flap jacks etc. oh Tickets!! 

I know a few people going tomorrow, none of whom know anything about my panic and anxiety and that somehow makes me feel relaxed!  I’m sure come start time I will get the usual wave of shakes and sweats but that is getting easier to cope with also.  Will it ever go away completely? Probably not.  Will I let it overcome me? Never.  It’s part of me, I need to accept that and move on.

Ok so next blog will hopefully be tomorrow night, include a few photos, a few funny stories and a shot of me enjoying a beer with my finishers medal in hand!