‘Moust Dash/Tash’

I’ve ran the Edinburgh Mo-Run the last 2 years with my original running buddy and really enjoyed it but life happens and neither of us did it this year.

However when they announced it would also be in Perth I checked the date and it worked for me so I signed up. Unfortunately Frazer still didn’t fancy it but my other half said he would run it. We decided to dress up seeing as we had costumes from a wedding we had just been to but we woke up to an absolutely freezing morning so Wonder Woman is going to have to wait a while for her first run! Instead I opted for my Cheshire Cat Leggings because who doesn’t want two huge cats eyes on their butt cheeks?

Joe decided not to run as well as he wasn’t keen to pay £25 to run places he runs anyway. Plus I’m pretty sure he’s about to hit me with a ‘hey I’m going to sign up to these 3 races that are £300 each, you cool with that?’. He’s playing his cards well ha ha.

My lovely Mum came down to the start too which was nice and I met up with Lorner and her eldest who were doing the 5k and a few other road runners.  Caroline was impressively colour co-ordinated with a purple wig and purple tights.  I won’t lie, the wig had me in a trance.  I just loved how it bobbed up and down very sixties style!

The 5k went off first and then the 10k just 10 minutes after.  We headed out round the Inch and very quickly I knew this wasn’t going to be a PB run with the ice on the ground but then this was a charity run – a fun run – so it didn’t bother me.  Under the bridge and we then headed in to town.  It was quiet but there were some supporters out cheering and laughing at some of the costumes running by.   Just before 1k I started passing some of the 5k runners.  We were doing the same route but the 10k did it twice.  There were quite a lot giving the 5k a go and I cheered every one of them on.  It’s not easy putting yourself out there like that, not something I will ever forget.

Down the high street and unfortunately I had to stop at the road.  A few runners in front of me had stopped and were waiting at the zebra crossing for the cars to go past.  This is the only bit that marginally annoyed me to be honest but only because it puts me off my pace.  Back on to the Inch and I knew then the course was going to be significantly short.  I was more focused on the ice on the ground though and not falling and getting an injury which to me was much more important.  It’s a long drag along the Inch so I tried to focus on catching up with Lorner and her son.  When I spotted them it gave me that little push to try and keep pace.  And just in front of them was Caroline and her purple wig.  Awesome.

The turn at the end of the Inch was treacherous and never have I been more thankful for a marshall insisting on everyone slowing down.  I slipped but didn’t fall so it was few walking steps to make sure I was steady on my feet before running again.  I kept an eye out for my mum and Joe so I could tell them she was just coming but turns out they had found refuge in a cafe!  Can’t blame them though, it was freezing.

Back round for the second lap and I was having a few ‘issues’ with my Cat’s Eye’s leggings.  The eyes were creeping closer to the ground so I was constantly trying to pull them up.  I started off discreetly pulling them at each side, watching to see if anyone was around me but I ended up both hands yanking them up every few minutes any dignity well and truly gone!  Don’t get me wrong I really love them and they are comfy but they are not for staying up when you are running any distance.  I apologize to anyone that had to witness this – it was not attractive!

Across the line and I briefly considered carrying on to make it the full 10k but quickly decided against it given it was just a fun run at the end of the day.  Plus, it was cold.  Very cold.  And very icy.

My youngest was given a spare ‘Mini Mo Runner’ headband which he took great pride in wearing along with my medal and we headed back to the car.  We had tickets to go to the cinema that afternoon and we still had the usual Sunday stuff to do.

There was quite a lot of grumbling about the course being short – and to be fair I measured it a full mile short which is quite a bit.  We found out later the course was cut last minute due to the ice which is quite clearly the right decision.  The turn to come back was treacherous enough.  The issue came because this information was not passed on to the runners at the start.  There have been a few complaining that other areas were bad so how could the closed off section be any worse but at the end of the day it’s Mo Run’s responsibility and decision.  They have since offered a free place for next year to the 10k runners which, in my opinion, is an impressive thing to do.  It’s a charity run at the end of the day so they will be losing the funds from these entries.  Although I know quite a few that ran the 5k I don’t think I am in a position to comment on them not being offered a free place so i won’t.

All I will say is I enjoyed the run.  It’s fun, the marshalls were amazing, there was a lot of them on course and I enjoyed it.  I will take up their offer of a place next year but I will make sure I raise at least the cost of my place so the charity doesn’t lose out.

And I will continue to wear funky leggings!

Roar Like A Tiger

Roar Like A Tiger

For all those that hate the whole ‘journey’ thing may I start off with an apology.

Actually no scrap that, this is my blog, I can call it what I want.

Before I started My Journey (which was basically me trying to run from lamppost to lamppost – no map and compass needed, thank god) I signed up to an obstacle course. Not just any obstacle course. I signed up to Tough Mudder.

Truth be told I got a ticket free through work as part of an incentive to bring the office together. What ever the intention, I’m afraid the old cliche is right in this case, and my life took on a completely different direction after that.

I spent a year doing every obstacle course and mud run I possibly could before deciding running was where it was for me. I loved the obstacles but I hated having to walk in between them as part of a team. There was always someone who hadn’t done any cardio and that frustrated me truth be told.

Fast forward to last weekend and I found myself at the start of another obstacle course after a bit of a break from them. The Tiger Escapade.

7 of us from the Road Runners had signed up for a bit of fun, something different. Although we are a competitive bunch we were there to have fun so no pressure. We could all run too so there wasn’t going to be the walking periods I hadn’t enjoyed before.

I was secretly hoping for some really hard obstacles and even though the thought of a skip filled with water was quite clearly going to be a drowning experience yet again, I was up for it!

The location was where I have done my open water swimming (because a Loch is the same as the sea – duh – maybe I subconsciously want to drown?) so I knew the area and it wasn’t far.

At the start line and we couldn’t hear a word the emcee was saying. Not a thing. We picked up a few hand gestures but I genuinely think he may have been speaking a different language. Those around us were unable to translate either so we turned our attention to the inevitable – what team were we going to beat!

The red tshirts were going down.

Off we went in search of the first obstacle. Even though it was less than a week ago, I can’t remember what it was – oops. I do remember the usual tyre ones, the cargo net I caught my watch in and nearly ripped my arm off on and the standard bales of hay. I also remember the long run at the start. Didn’t bother me so much but had me wondering where the obstacles were.

Then we came to the skip. Ok then, a proper obstacle! Let’s do this!

The water barely covered my ankle.

No, I didn’t drown.

(And before any one says it, I am not quite that small!)

To be fair I don’t think everyone in the team was hoping for some death defying obstacles as much as I was.

Time for the hill. You would think being runners that we would nail this, sweep past every other person on the course. Nope! I huffed and puffed and wheezed my way up there.

I will say it again. I am NOT a hill runner.

After that we had a few good obstacles that left us with cow pat in our hair and fish in our pants. A standard weekend for Perth Road Runners ha ha. We did enjoy the one where we went in the Loch. Freezing and wet (hi, my names Sherlock Holmes) makes for a good water fight.

The long running sections gave us a chance to chat and we discussed what races we all had coming up. We also wondered how others were getting on in Chicago, Bournemouth and other exotic places we tend to find ourselves.

Approaching the finish line and we crossed together as a team – in front of the red tshirts, just saying.

It was a low key event but Natalie, who had had to pull out due to injury, had come to cheer us on along with Scott’s wife (who ended up laden with our coats, thank you) and my other half and youngest. He loved the mud in his wellies – Joe, not so much.

The obstacle course was a great morning out. A bit of fun and bonding for a change. It just shows me I really did make the right choice in joining the road runners last year. And afterwards we had another water fight in the Loch when we were getting washed down. Why wouldn’t you?

Next on the calendar for me is a rest period. I have had to pull out of the Dramathon but that’s another story. Probably to be written when I’m grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. Bet you’re looking forward to that one!

The Kilgraston Shark

Last Sunday was the local triathlon.  The one I had been dragging my behind back to the pool for (with as much enthusiasm as Eeyore, obviously).  My swim time had gone backwards so my goal was very basic – get it down.  It’s a bit of a unique triathlon as you are in a team of 4 and all 4 of you must complete all 3 disciplines in a row one at a time.  The distances are extremely short but I’m still very much a beginner.

I was in a team with Steve – who took the Run Faster group I have previously went to – his wife Alison and John, who I also met through the group.  None of us are swimmers but we can all run and John is quite the cyclist.  We picked up our numbers and I was delighted to see we were team no 30.  That meant I wasn’t the slowest swimmer by 29 people, and there were less than 40 teams – result!


This race was going fastest first.

Ah well, we weren’t planning on winning it anyway.

The team order was me, John, Alison then Steve.  Being first in the team to go was not something I was looking forward to and right enough, as I queued up in my oh so sexy Tri suit at the side of the pool I turned a deathly shade of white.  Then green.  Not good.  To distract myself from the dreaded upchuck I asked the woman next to me if she had done this before. ‘No it’s my first ever’ she replied.  ‘But you look so calm!’.  ‘Oh I don’t really care, my team know they will just have to wait for me and wait they will!’ she laughed.  I was so glad not everyone was in it to win it and there were others just out for a good day!

My time came and I was counted down.  I pushed off and everything about slowing my strokes down went clean out my head and I was just praying for the end of the pool.  By my 3rd length I was caught behind the person in front and then very quickly there were 4 people in front and I almost had to put my foot down and stop in the pool.  I switched to breast stroke and went straight under the water.  Clearly swimming of any kind is not natural to me.  The distance wasn’t long enough to really get frustrated and eventually I got past anyway.  My watch said 4mins 36 and I was happy with that. I may not be a dolphin but I’m no hump back whale either.

Onto my bike and could I find the thing? Could I heck.  Back and forward past it when eventually I spotted my towel.  Really should have paid more attention when I racked it!  I ran down to the line and saw Alison at the side.  ‘I hate this’ I cried out.  Pretty sure she just laughed. Out on to the road and the wind was picking up.  The route was essentially the same as the Brig Bash run I did a couple of months ago but in reverse.  This however means nothing to me as was doing the other way.  Not the same way, the complete opposite way.  Everything looks different.  I have a very long history of going the wrong way when doing the route in reverse!

Round I went though and paid attention to the marshalls – I even managed to pass about 3 people! Very happy with that.  Back in to transition and it was running shoes on.  Finally, running I can do!

Or so I thought.

Up I stood and over the timing mat I went.  My legs felt like lead.  They were barely moving.  In fact the fastest they moved during that run was when I almost went head over heels down the small hill at the start!  How I kept upright I will never know.  I did manage to pass a couple of people but I was that slow they could have been their teams third or fourth runner! (They weren’t by the way, just to be clear ha ha).

Back from the run and in to the tag zone to meet John who was about to begin his race.  Finally I could relax.  My leg was nippy though and I noticed I had a small but deep cut on my leg.  Very strange and very nippy.  I could only presume I had been bitten by a shark in the pool – obviously.

I spent the remainder of the race shouting and cheering from the side.  John came in in good time and soon it was Alison’s turn.  She beat me on the run but I had expected that.  When Steve finished he had a cut on his leg.  I tell you there’s a shark in the Kilgraston pool!

Best quote of the day goes to Steve when John asked him how many lengths of front crawl he managed – ‘I can assure you no front crawl was harmed during my swim’.  I’m not so sure Alison was entirely joking when she said he needs arm bands!

All in it was a great day.  I know you’ll be shocked to hear we didn’t win after all but hey, can’t win them all (or any in my case ha ha but I didn’t throw up so that’s my win).

Unfortunately I can’t bring myself to post the best photo of the day on here.  Someone from the Road Runners took our team photo for us (they are everywhere! AND they won!) and he took a selfie as well.  I can’t decide if it was on purpose though ha ha.  I did however post it on the Road Runners page – just as a thank you – I’m sure he took it in gest.

I’m glad I did the team triathlon and I will definitely be up for doing it again next year.  Its a good, relaxed day – once it’s done!