Why London?

For anyone that doesn't know, one of my main goals in the last couple of years is to run London Marathon. Partly because it's so iconic, I watched it from time to time over the years (not really knowing anything about it) and because I love the idea of 'travelling' to a marathon. The main reason though, is a lot more personal than any of that.

When I had my third child I wasn't very well. It is something I will never understand as it didn't happen with the first two so how can it happen with the third? I asked every professional under the sun this question and no one could give me an answer. I became isolated from everyone, rarely went out and when I did it was just me and my baby. I would watch endless nonsense on the telly and pretend I was going to go somewhere more exciting than the 4 walls of my living room. London being one of those places. To cut a long story short running is what changed all that. But the want to go to London never changed.

And then, once I was in a better place, disaster struck. As I opened my 'Thanks, but no' magazine from VLM my baby, who had just turned 2 the month before, jumped off the couch and broke his leg. The magazine was thrown to the floor and the next 6 weeks were spent threatening to put me back to day 1 of 'being back there'. How can a 2 year old break his leg? And from jumping on the couch? That was it, I wasn't leaving him, I had to be with him 24/7. I had to know exactly where he was at all times or the panic would set in. I was back to being imprisoned by myself.

Of course he recovered well. He's the type of boy who rarely cries – if he bangs his head playing he simply shakes it off. Instead of my mind numbing shows we watched toy story over and over and over again. But the thought of London never left me. And now it had a greater meaning.

I have to put 'that episode' to bed, once and for all. Kick it back to the past with a mighty boot and leave it there. And to do that I need to do London. It is now the race that is associated with my baby breaking his leg. My baby is the reason I started running. I can't fully get past all of that until London is done. Some may not understand that – but it makes sense in my head. Of course I know I may still have bad days even after I run London but knowing I can do something to change it will be the key.

So. How do I get in to London?

There's the ballot, which I will of course apply to every year and cross every finger and toe in the hope I get in. I will be sat at my front door awaiting the postman in October – with my son in my lap until I have opened the magazine, just to be safe. I refuse to be negative about the statistics surrounding it. It is what it is. If I get in EVERYONE will hear me! I could apply for a charity place but the pressure of raising such a large amount of money would be too much for me.

So looks like I'm going to have to run really bloody fast! A Good For Age place for me is under 3hrs 45. My current time is 3hrs 55. That's 11 minutes I need to shave off. Less than 30 seconds a mile. Can it be done?

I'm going to find out at Loch Ness in 8 weeks! When I joined my local running club someone said to me 'yeah, you can do it. You just need proper training'. So that's what I've been doing. It's killing me, but I'm doing it. I was beyond ecstatic to get a sub 4hr marathon back at Stirling. But I know I can do faster. I have to.

So my next posts will be about my training. What's going well and what isn't. Then I can review them all, increase what works and change what doesn't. I'm getting that time. I have to.


7 thoughts on “Why London?

  1. Oh Ella. It’s so touching to read about the story behind your drive to complete london. I know the thought of fundraising is an intimidating one, but you would be so surprised how generous people are and how “easy” (not that easy but it’s not difficult) it is to raise the minimums. Also, if you picked a charity that was for a cause close to your heart, it would make the event even more special for you.

    Good luck with the good for age. I know you’ll do it. You’re so determined, and it’s really inspiring. X


    1. I think if I sat and made a detailed plan of what to do to fundraise then it would be more achievable, it’s just the thought of asking people time and time again. I will fundraise when I get in though. Be rude not to ha ha – also give me an ‘excuse’ to talk about it all the time!

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      1. I never need an excuse to talk about this stuff. It’s amazing that we are able to do these kinds of things.

        I didn’t do anything bar ask folk repeatedly for money. I get why some people don’t enjoy that. But I’m used to driving a hard bargain as it’s my day job 😂😂

        Good luck with the Ballot and the GFA. I reckon you’ll beast it!

        Is Loch Ness Mara a qualifying race this year? X


  2. I’ve entered London as well. I hope you get in. I’d love to run Loch Ness too but I’ve heard its hilly. My PB is 3:33 at Belfast last year. I had been training for Dublin in October, and was targeting a 3:30, but I’ve been hit with injury and illness over the last two months.

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    1. It’s a little undulating then there’s a monster at 18/19 miles. The atmosphere and scenery completely make up for it though! I’ve looked at both Dublin and Belfast and have them on my list. Hope your injury and illness subsides – on the positive October is still a good time away so fingers crossed for you. Also, good luck for London!


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