Did You Win Mummy?

Eh no son, no I didn’t.  But I finished and that’s just as special.

(The lies you tell your children ha ha)

Now that my pity party is done and dusted (see previous post, or you know, if you don’t really want to read someone’s essay of ‘woe is me’ maybe give it a miss) it is time to review my last race – The Tay Ten.

Man it was hot!! Last year was pouring rain and about 3 layers.  This year, if I had the confidence, I would have been running in just shorts and sports bra! Luckily for the locals, I wore my club vest. 

My lovely mother and I volunteered at registration but in all honesty we didn’t really do much.  My youngest was running riot most of the time but at least he was happy. 

We gathered at the start for the race brief – very important as the course had had to be changed slightly due to works. A polite word to the woman who’s music was playing during this and I just about caught the end of the brief – good thing I wasn’t going to be first across the line or I may have gotten lost!

Off we went and as per my last few races, I went off too fast.  I didn’t want a re-run (ha ha) of my last ten mile race so I slowed down.  My 4th mile was 8:04 – much better Ella, stay at that.  I decided to take my gel at this point so I didn’t crash out later on.  We won’t say anything about the salad I had chosen for tea the night before….

Mile 5 was 8:29.  Hmm, ok.  It’s quite hot for me so I expected to be slightly slower, let’s not get too slow though.  

Mile 6 and my watched beeped.  8:43.  8:43?? What are you walking!!! Flippin heck love! Clearly this was pay back yet again for going out too fast.  I seriously need to go for a very slow, very long run to get in to marathon mode.

However.  Mile 7 of a 10 mile race is not the time to do this so I pick it up after a very stern word with myself.  (You’re an absolute tube Ella).  The best thing about this course this year is knowing so many of the marshals so when you get a constant cheer it gives you a great little boost.  I clock the next 2 miles much closer to 8 minutes and feel happier with that. 

At 9 miles another girl from the club comes floating past me looking like she is on her first mile not her tenth.  She’s gone within a blink of the eye.  A sprint finish to die for ha ha.

It’s a bit of a weave going from the River Tay back up to the running track – which ironically I’ve never noticed before now – and as I make my way I get overtaken by someone else I know.  All I see is the red t-shirt and the beard and Brian disappears round the corner.  For a fleeting second I think about trying to chase him down but I’m intending on doing another 5 miles after this so decide against it/choose to be lazy. 

On to the track and there’s yet more Club Runners cheering away.  ‘Go on Ella, strong finish’.  I smile my appreciation.  

That is however, until I hear the next shouts.  

‘Go on Scott, catch her up’.

Scott? I don’t know a Scott.  This doesn’t bother me.

‘Go on Scott, you can beat Ella’.

Excuse me?!?! Scott who?! Then it clicks.  I put a face to the name and realise exactly who Scott is.  

No, no, no!! I force myself in to a sprint to the finish, begging to hold him off until then but the sod gets me at the line! 

I’m going to blame the sun – it was too hot! Ha ha.

I get a hug from my youngest and he asks if I won.  I tell him no not quite and he looks so disappointed I lie and tell him yes.  He’s 3.  He won’t remember.

I wait for my friend Lorner to finish so I can congratulate her.  She was quite nervous about the race as it does attract a lot of entries from clubs but just like me last year, she did it and she didn’t really notice a difference much.  Maybe just an unusually high number of orange t-shirts from one group.  

My mum had to rush off so I didn’t manage another 5 miles after that.  Instead I took the kids swimming where yet again, I met my new arch rival ‘Scott’.  I was tempted to run him over in the car but thought that would be too obvious.  (Only joking.  Well, a little).

The goody bag was amazing – it had mini-eggs!! A caramel wafer and to be honest, my favourite medal so far this year.  It’s plain black and white but it’s awesome.

Tomorrow is a half-marathon – and as far as I am aware Scott isn’t running this one so I shouldn’t have anyone sneaking up behind me at the last stretch ha ha.  I plan on taking it slow, using it as a training run for the marathon.  Practise my pace. Then hopefully a cycle after.

The pity party has definitely left the building.  


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