Trying New Things

I don’t know what made me think I need to try even more new things this year – I mean, surely pushing my mind, body and soul through the ‘torture’ of a Half Ironman is enough isn’t it?

Apparently not.

Tomorrow I am participating in a 15km trail race.  The word participating being hugely more accurate than running, racing or even perhaps walking (time will tell).

I thought it was only 20 minutes drive away as well – turns out it’s an hour.  I guess it’s never going to sink in that everywhere is NOT 20 minutes away. (Note to self – a refresher in geography might be a good idea.  Might just file that thought away next to cooking lessons though).

So what do I know? It’s going to be muddy.  That’s a given.  I’ve read last years run reports and one stated there was a little stream you need to cross that’s up to your knees.  Now, as I’m knee height to a grasshopper I’m going to take arm bands and a rubber ring with me.  

Possibly a wet suit too. Just in case.

No umbrella though as I don’t think it’s going to be torrential rain.  It might even be quite warm! Still taking a flask of tea though to warm up after.  

And speaking of afterwards….. I will have a turbo session I need to do to keep up with the Half Ironman training.  I’m sure that will be fun!

There’s a 1 hour cut off for 7km and for some reason that is playing on my mind.  I don’t usually focus much on cut off times for running but I know this type of run is very different from the road.  I’m pretty confident I should make that.  If I don’t, something’s gone very wrong! 

There are quite a few from the roadrunners who are all going so I won’t be alone in my green vest.  The other half is also coming along with the youngest (although I’m pretty damn sure he just wants a laugh!). 

Who says romance is dead? Ha ha


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