The Beep Test

Thursdays have been track night for a little while now and although I haven’t routinely been going (as in I think I went once in December and then chickened out but I have been this year) I have started to enjoy it.  


Ok, that’s maybe stretching the truth just slightly.  My pace is dropping off as I put more work in to swimming and cycling so it’s necessary now more than ever to work on speed.  It’s this I’ve started to realise/had a good old hearty slap in the face with reality.

However, tonight was my first ever beep test.  There’s been one or two things going on which have forced me to change up my training but the beep test was one thing I really wanted to do. 

That last statement alone proving I have never done one.

The other half dropped me off and I walked in knowing I was running between 2 lines progressively getting faster.  The only other thing I knew was the ‘pass’ rate for the police is 5.4.  I was very uncomfortable not knowing what speed it started at, how often it sped up, how many sections in each level, what I should be aiming for – pretty sure I went white when I was told I was in the first group too and threw up in my mouth a little (can I class that as pre-race fuel?).

Anyway, internal turmoil aside, there were 5 starter beeps and we were off.  It started slow enough with a brief pause either end as I waited for the beep signalling to go again and yup, you guessed it, it announced when the next level was and surprise, surprise, it got faster! 

Rocket science it is not.  

I found it hard though.  I’m not afraid to admit that! I didn’t get as high as I had hoped, in fact, out of those who were there, I was very much at the bottom of the scale.  However, it’s not a competition.  I could use a number of excuses as to why I didn’t perhaps do as greatly as I had hoped but facts are facts at the end of day.  I will admit I gave up far too soon but not sure if I could have went that much longer.  Kevin was encouraging me but I used this as an excuse to stop (because ‘keep going’ and ‘stop’ obviously sound the same).  

When the last person in my group finished it was our turn to be adjudicators for the next group.  Now because I’m almost always running in a race I don’t pay a great deal of attention to how others run.  I reckon if I did that I would fall over, I need to stay focused on where I’m going – yet I still get lost.  Watching the next group was quite fascinating.  Everyone had their own style of run.  Some used their arms, others didn’t.  Some had very small steps others had long strides.  No one looked as out of breath as I still did – ah well.  

When everyone had finished the results were read out (thankfully not in ascending order).  Hopefully we will be doing it again so I can use it to measure my progress.  

I ran home in the snow at a more comfortable pace.

Yes, ok, it was a slower pace.  So what?! Ha ha.  It was comfortable and I very much like comfortable.  I like to be able to breath and not have a close up with death when I’m running.  Comfortable is where I’m happy.

I know the next beep test won’t be comfortable but I will increase my level!

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