An Unexpected Challenge

If you’ve been running for a while you will have heard of the Marcothon.  A challenge that has you running every day in December for a minimum of 3 miles or 25 minutes depending on your pace.  Easy enough you would think.  What’s 3 miles? And 25 minutes is gone in a blink of an eye.

Oh how wrong you can be.

I’m knackered.  Absolutely knackered.  I’m almost sick of running (almost, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here).  You can not ‘only’ go for a 3 mile run – doesn’t happen.  The option to take s day off is removed.  There is no choice.  You have to run EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And it’s only the 20th. 

I’ve got 11 more days to go.

Ah but wait! No I don’t! Because she who thinks she’s clever signed up to a bloody triathlon on the 1st January didn’t she!! Not so clever now are you? Not only do you not get to rest on the day everyone else is after this challenge, you have to do a swim AND a cycle BEFORE another bleedin run! 

And let’s not mention the training you need to do to complete said swim and cycle.  A fish, you are not love.  An octopus with arms and legs going everywhere but straight on yes, more likely.

So why the hell are you still doing it?  All you get is a t-shirt (which naturally you will have to buy). No medal.  No bling.  No precious race number you love to stick in a scrapbook. 

It’s a challenge.  I signed up for it and I’m not quitting.  Moaning – well yes that I am doing in bucket loads (I would apologise to my running buddy but he actually moans more than me, hard to believe I know).  I’m also discovering new routes round work.  You get very sick of the same route very quickly every day so last week we wandered off over some hills.  Actually loved it.  Got injured when attacked by a wild, crazy bush but ‘I am woman’ so I carried on.

I’ve also been out for a run with the husband.  This is something we never do.  He’s a fast runner and I’m a distance runner – the two don’t mix.  But, we did a  brick session, and it was good.  Watch this space for our 2017 plans.

So right now I’m in the middle of a challenge that yes, I am hating, there I said it! I don’t ever want to do this again. It’s tiring, it’s constant, there’s no rest, it’s bloody cold outside, I’m beginning to actually look at treadmills again and think they’re not that bad, I need to run on Christmas Day, I need to run on my birthday – the only place I want to run to is my bed!!

11 days.

(Well, technically bloody 12!)


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