It happened – I did it – I actually got to run in London!!

Not the marathon (obviously, it’s December not April), but I can now say ‘yeah I’ve ran in London’. 

Strange thing to be proud of I know.  Especially when not a single soul in the place makes eye contact with you never mind a smile or a ‘hello’.  There was me, literally jumping up and down, like a gazelle I like to think, smiling away saying hi to absolutely every man and his dog and did I get even one reply? 


Never mind. 

I set out quite late on the first day but I was determined to get my run in. Just across from my hotel was Hyde Park so after much research of routes the only thing I could remember was if I didn’t stray from the serpentine I ‘shouldn’t’ get lost.  It was only 2 miles round it though so I had to add on extra to get it out my system – but I didn’t get lost.

I stopped to take so many photos it was ridiculous.  I started without music in the hope to fully experience London running but when London running is very ‘solo’ music helps so on went the tunes.  And along came my singing.

Now I think about it a small, Scottish woman running along with a grin ear to ear, singing to 80’s ballads saying hi to everyone may just be a reason no one made eye contact…..

I managed 3 runs during my weekend in London. On my second I saw people early morning swimming in the Serpentine.  Thought it might be just a bit too strange to take photos of guys in their speedos at 7 in the morning – even for me. Would have loved to have joined them but alas I did not take my swimming costume.

On the third run I made it to Buckingham Palace! The iconic place everyone wants to run towards when they do the London Marathon.  So yes, I pretended I was running the marathon.  And yes, I also pretended I was winning the marathon.  After all if you’re going to do something you may as well go all out ha ha.  I was having loads of fun taking photos until another runner in bright orange head to toe plonked himself in my photo range and didn’t move.  Still, 164 photos should be enough.

One day I WILL get the chance to actually run the marathon.  I will keep going with the ballot.  I am not opposed to the charity places but the pressure of raising the amount of money they ask for is too much for me just me. 

But I can now say ‘I’ve run in London baby!’

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