It’s A Doubler

Run two races in 1 day.  Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I didn’t exactly go looking for that challenge.  I ran the Mo Run last year (in atrociously cold and wet weather) with my original running buddy so when he said he was doing it again I signed up too.  I did try to grow a moustache for it but his was better.  

Then I saw the Supernova run which I didn’t do last year but did really fancy.  Just a 5k at night round the illuminated Kelpies.  So yeah, signed up to that too.  Didn’t think to check the dates.  Oops.

I know the Mo Run route – I have ran that monstrous hill more times than I want to remember – so I knew it wasn’t ‘easy’.  My only goal was to beat last years time but make sure I would still be ok for the Kelpie run later on that night. It started off cold but it was dry.  I had chosen not to dress up (not so keen on the attention that brings) and opted for shorts – just can’t let them go yet.  I might not have the best looking legs but I’m very attached to my shorts now so if you don’t like seeing the cellulite on my legs just don’t look ok. I’m that small I’m pretty sure normal shorts look like trousers on me anyway.

First time up the hill and yup, it was as my legs remembered.  Well almost, I have been doing some training.  Don’t get me wrong it was in no way easy but I didn’t get to the top and think my lungs had collapsed. I began to pass the tail end of the 5k runners and have to admit, I did wonder why I hadn’t chosen to do the shorter distance.  At 4KM I caught up with Brian’s dad Mike – I’ve met him a couple of times at park run.  He was doing  the 5km and I think this was his first official race.  I gave him a few words of encouragement before pushing on for my second lap.  As I passed the park where the finish line was I heard behind me ‘and here comes Mike Spence’ – made me smile and I clapped.  Probably looked a right moron but I didn’t care.  Up and round a second time and I was a bit lost in my thoughts as I went round the loch at the top.  That was until I passed a guy and heard him say ‘I’m not being beat by a f….. girl’. 

Game on mate.  He sped up past me and received my best dagger look as his sweaty being went by.  I knew there was another very slight incline before the downhill so just kept pace.  Typically he was one of those that passes then goes directly in front of you and slows right down.  Hairy twat.  Up that last bit and it was on! I may have short legs but I know how to lengthen my stride and I’m not scared of going downhill anymore.  It was worth the risk of falling anyway.  (Obviously I can say that now given I didn’t ha ha).

I beat last years time but didn’t quite get under the 50mins.  Brian wasn’t far behind me then in came Frazer with a slightly less ‘pure anger’ face this year followed by Ginnie in her blue London top I have extreme envy over. 

We had time for a cheeky wee hot mint chocolate before the train home (I could drink 6 of those in a day!).  Poor Frazer was working at 5pm but given he had just gotten a 10k PB on a hard course he was in a good mood. 

My lovely mum picked me up from the train station with my youngest and I had time for a nice hot shower before planning what to wear for the Kelpie Run.   They encouraged you to wear neon clothing and glow in the dark accessories but naturally my organisational skills had not allowed me to prepare – oops.  In the back of my wardrobe I found bright pink leg warmers which obviously every girl has, and I had bought reflective spotty running leggings the night before so went for that.  My mum picked me up and we set off for the Kelpies with the ‘trustworthy’ google maps.

Just one wrong turn later and we arrived safe and sound if not cold.  I was glad for this race I had put on some fun clothing because almost everyone was full on 90’s glow painted up! The queue for the toilet was bad so unfortunately I didn’t have time – not great for a woman who’s had 3 kids! In fact, probably not great for anyone who’s about to run.  I said to my mum I was likely to be about 25/26 minutes.  Then quickly corrected it to 20 minutes.  It wasn’t going to be a fast run but my mum is late everywhere! 

Off we went and I have to admit it looked great! Everyone had to wear a headtorch and at some points in the course you double back so you can see all the lights behind you.  My legs were a little heavy and I still wanted to make a good time so I didn’t do my usual stop and take a million photos.  Strange for me I know!

I was huffing and puffing like a choo choo train round the course, the cold air getting to me a little and the earlier run having an effect on my legs, when I was overtaken by another woman runner.  Not unusual, however, as we passed one of the friendly marshalls she gave an easy ‘thank you marshall’ as opposed to my grunt of a pig.  How do people do that? Even running slow I can’t talk without sounding like I’m about to throw up a lung.

In the final kilometre I was passed by about 4 more women.  This didn’t bother me but did make me wonder what I could have done if I had been fresh.  As it was I still managed under 23 minutes – and I’m very pleased with that! My mum even managed to be at the finish line ha ha.

Back at the car and we had a cup of tea from the flask my husband had made for us. Perfect! And of course some more selfies.

Today I’m sticking to a rest day.  Giving my legs a break.  They might not have been big distances yesterday but it was still a challenge.  Would definitely do both of those races again.


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