Sorry but ‘no’

London Marathon.  Didn’t get in the ballot.

Now, moving on, I’ve got sh’t to do! I’ve had my ‘gutted’ moment, but sitting around complaining about how ‘unfair’ the ballot is isn’t going to change it. So what am I going to do?

Well first there’s the New Years Day Tri that I am going for again.  That requires swimming (and lots of actual depressing moments at the realisation of just how bad I am at it and how much I don’t like it).  My local pool is generally friendly though so could be worse.

It also involves cycling, in the cold, and in the wet.  I can see my peppermint tea addiction rising to extremities.  

And of course, there’s running.  Ah running.  I do love to run.  It’s not easy….but it is kind of.  It requires effort…..but not much.  It makes me feel good……every time.


To get my place at London Marathon I am going to have to speed up.  

I said I was over not getting through on the ballot – I’m not over having to wait every year trying!

I insist on staying positive, and positive says ‘what can I do about it?’. My club will have allocated spaces but the want will be high.  I think they do their own little ballot to allocate them but chances for me are low (although how awesome would it be!!).  My other option is to try for a Good For Age place next year.  I’ve only got to shave 24 minutes off my best time.


Only 24.

And I’m someone who doesn’t like sprints.

Positive.  Must stay positive.  

This week my running club hits the tracks and from what I read literally everywhere, this is what will help my speed.  Although it may also make me throw up! From what the others were saying, that’s almost guaranteed.  

Maximum effort it is then. 

I have a half marathon this weekend which I plan on pushing myself at.  Then another more challenging one just two weeks later.  I can do this.  I totally can. All I need is some proper structure to my running.  Less ‘let’s just see what happens’ and more ‘push, push, push – feel those lungs bursting’.

Appears my husbands way of running will be taking over from my ‘hippy’ style over the next few months.  

This does not mean he is right though!

Let’s hope I’m still as positive after Aviemore this weekend.

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