Post Marathon – Recovery and Blues

It’s been a very ‘strange’ week for me.  I decided to take my recovery seriously this time, particularly due to the abdomen pain I experienced but also because my foot situation got infected and resulted in me taking a knife to my toe in the middle of the night to relieve the pressure.  Apparently just sticking a plaster on it wasn’t enough.

So I’ve been in the gym stretching it out like a good runner girl and rolling the pain away with the foam roller.  Amazes me how something that gives you so much pain (and yes, I’m talking tears) ends up making you feel so much better.  I know I have a rotated pelvis from a previous physio visit so I’m now writing out a plan to improve my core.  I used to joke about the pain saying it was just my abs screaming to get out but now I guess I better at least try and open the door for them.  I have only been on the treadmill twice this week and neither times were a distance worth mentioning but the niggle in the hip was there so I took myself off for a sports massage.

Not really sure what to expect I had a look online and figured ok, it might hurt a little but it’s good for recovery and I do need to look after myself a bit more.  I read that the women usually manage to dig in really deep with their figures and elbows to manipulate muscles and release tension.  I’ve had 3 kids, how sore can it get?

I sat down in the waiting room and started thinking about what I needed to do the rest of the day.  I was just having a glimpse at the magazines when I heard my name.  As I looked up I was confronted by possibly the biggest guy I have seen in a while.

‘Hi, im Bradley, if you’d like to come with me we will just get started’.

My body had an enema then and there.

No, sorry no, I would not like to go with you.  You will actually break me.

But of course I did.  My legs somehow moved of their own accord and dutifully followed him – probably because all of the blood was draining from my face down.  We went in to the treatment room and he took some background from me then it was on to the table to have a look at my hip thing.  A quick twist of my spine and it lined up better.  Can’t complain.

He asked me to take my socks off.  ‘Eh, I’d rather not, I’ve got a bit of a manky toe’.  His face clearly agreed he was on the same page as me – sock stayed on.  

Yeah it was a little sore but only a little.  No more than the first day on the roller if I’m honest.  And it worked wonders.  He didn’t break me as first predicted but that serves me right for being presumptuous and thinking it would be a small women.  Not the first time I’ve gotten it wrong – I still remember my first swimming lesson and again expecting a women (do men not work in sport Ella?! ) and it turned out to be a young lad!

So this weekend I volunteered at Parkrun again as my club did a bit of a ‘takeover’ and filled all the volunteer spots to encourage more people to get running.  There were a huge number of pacers so a great many pb’s are expected.  I’ve not tried my hand at pacing yet, not so sure I would be any good at it.  

And that just leaves me with this ‘lost’ feeling now.  I loved Loch Ness but there’s a part of me that feels I didn’t really accomplish much.  I know that sounds utterly ridiculous given it was a marathon and it was also a PB for me – what more do I want?! The answer is I don’t know.  It wasn’t easy, I had to work for it, especially in the last few miles, but overall, I don’t know.  

Would signing up for another fill that void?  Its hard to say.  Do I want to push and go for a ridiculously hard time? Being the fastest isn’t what drives me to run. There’s a marathon not far from here in 2 weeks time.  Is it possible for someone who is a beginner at this distance to do 2 in such quick succession? Could that be the challenge I’m looking for? Or is it just Marathon blues at the moment – who knows.

I’ve got until next week to decide.  

5 thoughts on “Post Marathon – Recovery and Blues

  1. You have to do what’s best for you.
    My advice would be to recover well then think about entering a spring race so you have a fresh challenge. Two marathons close together needs really good recovery, and at around 16 miles in the second one you’ll remember how much the last 10 miles hurt and your heart will sink. Given how you’re feeling right now, a more gentle return to running might be better. Your body needs to recover from this training cycle before you start the next.
    Feel free to ignore me – nobody knows better than yourself what is best for you. Give yourself some time then make an informed decision.

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