Pre Race Nerves

I thought I was doing quite good, thought I was ok, as comfortable as I could be I would say.


I am now officially bricking it.  And I’m not too ‘proud’ to admit it.

I don’t know why but this race feels different.  It’s the same length as the Edinburgh Marathon (shocking, I know, would never have guessed that) and it’s a distance I’ve done before.  But it just feels different.  

Plans have changed for it.  This is the one my dad is well enough after his by pass to come to so my parents are using the opportunity to come along and have a weekend away in their motor home (excellent support vehicle!)  Originally the other half was running it too but he has no interest in this kind of distance, not unless you have to cycle and swim as well.  (Sneak peek? Maybe…).  He’s chosen not to run but essentially that shouldn’t make a difference as we don’t  run races together anyway due to different pace.  He was still going to come but then our eldest is going to a party tonight and a teenager at a party when we are 3 hours away does not prove to be a good nights rest for anyone so after much deliberation he’s staying in Perth and I’m jumping in with my parents.

It’s been hard to get my head around leaving the youngest but I’m on the road now and I need to think about the fun he will have with his dad whilst I’m away (I won’t think about the mess and chaos I will return to).  But that still doesn’t make the race ‘harder’ to run really. 

I’ve thought about trying to be organised – that usually helps a messy mind.  So I was going to write all the water stops and toilets on my arm so I knew where they were.  Given I have a memory of a goldfish and there’s always that chance of me getting lost on a race this seemed an excellent idea.  Until I realised they would take over half my arm and I would look like I had one of the worst tattoos ever and should be on tattoo fixers.  I considered writing them on paper but am I really going to stop to get out a ‘map’ whilst running?  It’s a marathon, not orienteering or hill walking!

So my plan is to try and remember just 3 numbers – 2 toilet stops if needed and a definite water stop.  


What about gels?  I’ve not decided when to take my gels yet.  And usually a small drink after gels is good or in some cases required if it goes down the wrong way. Maybe 2 or 3 water stops then.  But then if I’m drinking more I will probably need the toilet more so maybe that should be 3 or 4 toilet stops in case they are busy.  Then there are the nutrition stops.

And we are back up to a tattood sleeve on my arm.

But what if it’s cold and I’m wearing long sleeves?

Maybe I should just go to the expo and spend lots of money, that will take my mind off it 🙂 


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