One week and counting

With only one week to go until I take on my next big challenge the niggles and worries are beginning to set in.

I warn you now this post may very well turn into a frantic rambling of a panicked runner mum! 

Entry is in and confirmed, bit of an issue getting my club attached to my name but they promise me it will be fixed.  Accommodation is booked, so I’m told, it’s not my department or we would end up staying somewhere in Wales that ‘sounds like it should be in Inverness’.  

Don’t ask.

Training is done – slightly different than training for my first marathon but I’m as confident as I can be that I can do the distance.

It’s the unknowns, the variables, that are beginning to worry me.  It’s been hot recently, really hot, and I don’t run well in heat.  But it’s in Scotland in late September, how hot can it be? 

Bloody hot ok, really bloody hot!  Especially for someone who has the ability to get burnt in the shade! Shorts and vest it is then. But then I’m told it’s freezing at the start because you have to get a bus out to the middle of nowhere and wait about 2 hours to get going.  

So it’s jogging bottoms and jumper (probably a hot water bottle too) at the start then strip down to run. What do I do with my clothes I strip off though? I don’t own clothes I am happy to throw away.  I buy them to wear them then donate them if they don’t fit anymore.  

Wonder if my other half has anything I can use…….

And what if it rains?  Hell its Scotland what if it snows??  There is every chance we will get all 4 seasons in one day in this place – possibly even in one hour!

Maybe getting a little carried away there.  But only just a little.  

It’s probably going to be hot so I need to think about hydration.  I don’t carry bottles as the swooshing sound makes me need to pee all the time and trust me, after 3 kids, I have enough things making me need to pee without added extras! I could carry a camel pak, that would work. Long gone are the days I look at people running with hydration packs and think ‘is that really necessary?’.  Yes Ella, it is.  

It’s been recommended to drink electrolytes too so a kind lady at work is bringing me in some of the ones she sells.  Probably should have done a tester beforehand but I’m sure it will be fine.  I mean, what can go wrong right?

But now the biggest thing…..


Should probably stop writing right here.

Have I tapered? I think so.  Not a great amount, admittedly, (yes there was that small half marathon last weekend) but I have cut back this week.  I did park run this morning and was aiming to go slower at 26mins but came in at 24.  It’s hard.  I have a 10k race tomorrow which everyone has warned is a hilly.  That may not have been the best idea but I will take it slower, I will not race it.

She says.

I know I have to cut back.  I know doing a triathlon the weekend before my last marathon killed my quads.  I am not doing that this time. 

I can do this.  I can have an easy week.  I can run slower tomorrow.  I won’t run every lunch time.  I will volunteer at park run so I can’t run the day before the marathon.

Oh my god I’m going to be bored this week.

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