Forth Road Bridge – I got this!

One of – if not the – most popular race in Scotland given how many spaces available and how many people applied.

And I got a place!

Usually I hum and ha for a good little while and then book it nervously late at night when the other half has gone to bed so he doesn’t know.  I am not the only one who does this!

It was just my lovely mum who was coming to support at this race.  The other half is pushing his swimming at the moment so he’s quite tired and a rest is good.  So after a little detour to almost Dundee (15 mins top added to the journey, honest) we were beginning to approach the bridge.  Over we went and I stopped at the car park I thought we were meant to be at only to find it empty.  A quick gps check and back over the bridge we went only to discover nothing but hills.  

I saw the infamous yellow arrow signs that indicate where you need to run.

I turned white.

This was not going to be fast.  I may even have to walk! How was I going to get back up that hill after the half marathon yesterday?! 

We walked in to the community centre to register and I jokingly said to the guy with the numbers I didn’t realise it was quite so steep.  He quickly assured me I was running down the hill but not back up.  The race would finish at the end of the bridge. 

I’ve never loved someone so fast, so much before! (Kidding Joe)

I bumped in to a few from the Road Runners I have just joined and had my first official club photo taken.  (Check me out! Proud moment ha ha)

Since my mum and I had actually gotten there early we had time for a little seat in front of the large buffet that was provided for later.  Looked delicious! The only thing I would have changed would be the guy in very short shorts and a vest who kept lunging and staring at me.  My mum found this hilarious.  I, did not.

At the start line and just few moments later we were off.  Straight down the steep downhill and a small out and back section before the slight climb on to the bridge.  My mum was at the start of the bridge much to my surprise – always great for a cheer.  On to the bridge and the breeze was just perfect, I loved it.  The view was lovely and I had to stop myself taking a selfie video!   Thankfully it didn’t feel too steep and at the other end it was down and under to the other side to come back.  It had really thinned out by now so I was running with lots of space around me, quite unusual compared to other 10ks I have done but it allowed me to mutter out a few lines of songs.  How can you not sing ‘bridge over troubled water’ on this race? 

It was difficult to see the actual finish line so alas again, no sprint finish.  Gutted.  Honest. 🙂 The course ended up just a little short of 10k and I think if it had have been the full length I may have got a PB.  The medal was pretty cool though and one of the guys from the Road Runners got second Male Vet.  

It’s definitely a race I am going to keep an eye out for next year.  Really enjoyed it.

Next up – the Perth Relay Tri this Sunday.   This one is all about fun and should be a great day out.  Then it’s an intense focus on the next marathon! 


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