Why would I NOT want to?

I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge.  I didn’t do it intentionally, it kind of just happened.  The city I live in has a Half Marathon race which I couldn’t do last year as it was just after an operation so it was on my list for this year.  I also came across a race early this year that has you running across the Forth Road Bridge so I jumped at that.  The views and the feeling of running over it will be worth more than the medal! So I signed up to both.

The Forth Road Bridge
The Forth Road Bridge
It wasn’t until about a month ago I realised these races were a day after each other.  Saturday is the half and Sunday is the bridge.  It’s not that big a deal but it’s definitely going to be tiring.  And each run brings its own difficulties.  There is a bit of a trail part on the half which last year had some big complaints about.  And of course if you’re running over a bridge in Scotland you’re guaranteed wind – the question is how strong? 

So I’ve tried to be sensible this week. Helped by the husband encouraging/pushing/forcing me to go swimming (triathlon next weekend you see).  However looking back, maybe there’s one or two things I should have/shouldn’t have done.

I got a PB at Parkrun on Saturday which I’m pleased at.  Not my fastest ever 5km but fastest at Parkrun.  Sunday was 12miles and my left calf was in quite a bit of pain in the last few miles so I jumped straight in an ice cold bath which helped. Took me straight back to Arctic Enema at Tough Mudder and genuinely thought I was going to turn in to an ice sculpture right there and then.  Mouth wide open, arms outstretched, half naked in the tub.  Nice!  I spent 6hours after it wrapped in a duvet ha ha.

Monday was the gym and Tuesday and Wednesdays were lunch runs. 

Then.  Thursday.  Yesterday.

At work I got the usual message – ‘Runching it today?’.  ‘Yup’.  The bridges route was suggested which is downhill to start and a slow climb back.  In my head it was going to be just a little over 5km, straight down to the bridge isn’t far.  I had Roadrunners at night and it was hill repeats so figured that route would be fine.  My left leg had really loosened off so all was good.

10km later…….

Yes, you read that right, 10km! How I got that wrong I still don’t know.  Why I insisted on a lap of the car park to ensure it ended on the 10km is something else in itself.  

And yes, I still went to Roadrunners.

My face says it all ha ha
7 laps of the middle loop later and I was burst.  So much so that to ensure I didn’t get up today and ‘try’ to go for a run I threw all my running gear in the washing machine! 

So today has been spent doing the usual housework, watching the olympics and having a good think about the next 2 days.  Tomorrow I am going to have to be careful on where I put my feet.  It might be muddy, it’s going to be a little busy, but ultimately, I can do it.  Sunday is a ‘feel good’ run.  Gozia from one of my running sites will be marshalling so a guaranteed smile and high 5 and I’m going to have to focus on NOT stopping to take a photo.  I was also reminded this morning that it’s a bridge so obviously there is elevation.  Hadn’t thought of that…..


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