Trying to Find Dory – Again

Apologies for the lame swimming reference but I’m about as good at that as I am at the activity itself right now.

At the beginning of this week the other half and I found ourselves childless for an entire night.  I was having to go into work during my week off and to make it easier for my long suffering mother we decided they would stay the night at the grandparents.  To take advantage I booked the cinema so we could have some ‘just us’ time.  

Then Joe phoned asking what time it started.  I thought he was just checking what time he would have to be back for but alas no.  ‘Right we are going swimming first’ I was told.  I haven’t been in a good 6 weeks and I was in no rush to get back there however that’s why I was ‘told’ we were going.  I would much have preferred a run, even a cycle.  I almost tried the ‘but my hair, I can’t go to the cinema with it a mess after the pool’ but that wasn’t even worth the breath.  So swimming it was.

I dug out my costume I had come to detest and pulled it on.  To my surprise it was looser than before.  I haven’t lost any weight but it definitely wasn’t clinging.  I then noticed dimples at the tops of my legs.  With a grin I realised I was getting leaner!  Result! The grin was quickly wiped from my face however when I looked down at my feet.  I definitely have runners feet.  No longer do I have black toe nails, I just have no toe nails.  Another thing that I can’t cover up when swimming.

In the pool and the plan was sets of 100m.   Something I could do fine before but man how quickly I discovered I had lost an awful lot of stamina in the last 6 weeks.  I was knackered.  And slow.  Real slow.  Nope, I was not enjoying this one bit.  I genuinely had a face like thunder and I was getting more and more annoyed the worse it seemed I was getting.  Didn’t help either that Joe was clearly loving the fact he was a fair bit faster than me now and his stamina has gone up.  A little bit.  Thoughts of dunking him under or grabbing his ankles may have gone through my mind.  I won’t lie.  Especially when I realised his competitive edge was coming out and he was trying to see how many more lengths than me he could do.  

I’ve swam 2500metres in one go.

I’ve completed 2 triathlons.

I’ve ran a marathon.  

All in the last 8 months.

I’m not competitive (but if I was I would say ‘I win’).

For a good 10 minutes neither of us were prepared to be the one to quit first.  It quickly fell in to more and more lengths as neither of us were going to wait for the other at the end of the pool.  Eventually though we had to as after all we had booked tickets to go and see a very nice looking man beat up some people in a very unrealistic way.  

Pleased with himself hes faster. ‘Whatever’. Ha ha

The next morning I woke to an email reminding me I had agreed to a local triathlon and asking what my predicted swim time would be.

Oh.  Holy.  Crap.

I will now be swimming a minimum of 4 times a week in a desperate attempt to not embarrass myself at this event!  

Is it possible to half your 200m time in 2 weeks?  

God I hope so!


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