The Hills are Alive – but I’m Dying!

Drum roll please…………

So I finally got up the courage to go and check out the local road runners.  Only took a few months of back and forward and a few debates on tri vs running (we won’t mention the tears, pretty sure I’ve covered them in previous posts!).

After my first failed attempt of going down I arranged to meet a women I met through the Alexis Rose Trail Race there.  Not believing I would actually do it I went for my usual run at lunch time that day too.  This left me with slightly tired legs but not too bad.  Anyway, I headed down not too sure what to expect.

Fiona spotted me and introduced me to a few people, none of whom I can remember the names of as my stomach was in absolute turmoil.  I was put in a group based on my park run time and when it hit half past off we went.  They explained the route briefly and the first half of it is one I do on a regular basis so I was very comfortable knowing where I was going.  We then went through tracks I haven’t been since I was really a little girl! I say really because even now I’m only just over 5foot ha ha.  I loved going through them and then discovering new ones.  We did a good 7 miles and they told me there was a Thursday session up Kinnoull Hill.

On Thursday I had quite a stressful day so I went out for a short lunch run to chase it away.  I’ve run hills before and I’ve ran up Kinnoull Hill so although I knew it would be hard I didn’t think it would be that bad.

Could not have been more wrong.

We did a short warm up, all was good.  The guy that leads it explained we were aiming for 8 laps of the zig zag route with 1 minute rest – cue a few groans and raised eyebrows.  My first sign this was not going to be what I maybe anticipated.  He then explained there was a fork in the route and we were to go left not right.  I distinctly heard someone say the right was easier.  My second sign.

As we lined up to start I recognised the faster guys.  They went naturally to the front, I hung about nearer the back.  I may not have been expecting to be last but I’m comfortable being at the back. Off we went and the first lap was ‘OK’.  I didn’t really feel I needed the 1 minute rest and it’s not something I’m used to.  Think I took 45 seconds, possibly less.  Near the top of the second one and it was tougher but I carried on.  This time I took nearer the full minute rest, it was hot and my legs were showing signs of being grumpy.  Sure enough when I got half way up the third I was beginning to feel my quads.  Not great.  Definitely the full rest after that one.  I managed to get to 4 before the fastest guy came past me.  And on the 5th the next one.  By 6 my quads were in full toddler tantrum mode.  That solid lead balloon feeling that just says ‘nope, I’m not moving’.  Pretty sure I was going backwards at one point.  One of the faster runners asked me if this was my first time doing hill repeats.  The only thing stopping me saying yes and never again was the fact I could barely breathe! 

However.  We aimed for 8 and I managed 8.  Not well but I did it.   I was a sweaty, tired mess after it but oddly enough I did enjoy it.  People were friendly, there was no pressure just encouragement and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t ‘good enough’.  

After speaking to a few people I headed home (windows down in the car to try and cool off!).  Lesson learned not to run during the day if I’m doing that at night! The bootcamp sounds great fun though, can’t wait to do that next week.  I’ve also got my local half marathon in 2 weeks and a 10k over the Forth Road Bridge the day after. 

Don’t think my legs are going to be talking to me for a while!


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