The Big Debate

There’s a bit of a debate going on in my house at the moment.  Joe and I are both signed up for Loch Ness Marathon and we are both training differently.

Joes downloaded a very intense training plan from Garmin, which, in my opinion, is suitable only for those who have ran a minimum of 50 marathons already.  Week 2 has him running for 2hours.  He hasn’t ran a marathon before – or for that length of time before.  He’s forcing himself to stick to it and he seems to be enjoying it.  So far anyway.

Me? Well, I don’t really have a plan per say.  I’ve been given something for a week but I didn’t follow it properly.  I was meant to do a hard 5km then the day after a long run but I did it the wrong way round.  Maybe next week I will get it right after my race on Wednesday.  

Park Run – a perfect 5km

Usually I’m all for a plan but I think, because his is just so intense (and by intense I actually mean ridiculous) I’m not fussed for one.  Tonight I went out for a run and he fired off a set of questions in quick succession – 

  • Where are you going
  • How far are you going
  • How long are you running for
  • What are you doing 

I was going for a run.  The only things I knew were the first song I was going to listen to and that I would need my jacket as it was raining.  That’s it.  I hadn’t thought about anything else.  I had no aim.  I just wanted to go for a run. Sure when I got out there I did a couple of sprint sections because the song was good and I really felt like going fast – that was until I remembered I really don’t like sprinting so 2 was enough. The vein was still popping out my head by the time I returned home.  Not attractive.

2 sprints are enough!

So who’s right? The man with the plan or the hippy who just wants to enjoy running? I guess we will find out on the day but until then, the debate goes on.  


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