I got issues man

What on earth is going on?!? 

First it was a tight muscle in my back, then a pain in my chest by old issues being dragged up, and now it’s ‘women’s issues’ I thought had gone! Don’t worry, I won’t go in to detail.

Until the beginning of this week I could still run, limited because of child care but I could still get out.  Then Tuesday came and BAM – no more running.  My body is on strike!  I’ve literally fallen out with my body, with myself.  How do you fall out with yourself?!?!? 

I haven’t changed my diet, eaten anything new, done anything different so seriously – what’s your problem?  I took my youngest to soft play yesterday to meet up with a friend (part of my healthy mind plan and to tell my anxiety to do one) but at times was almost walking doubled over.  

I was sooooo glad when he napped later!

I’ve got 14 miles to run to hit my 100 for the month.  It’s not going to happen.  I’ve ran a grand total of 6.4miles this week so far.  It’s bloody hard admitting I won’t hit that target this month! But, I will still hit my 1000 miles for the year. Got to remember bigger picture.

This morning I tried some strength and core work.  Clearly I am the thickest person IN the world! Let’s do core work when your core is in bits, awesome idea!  Honestly.  I actually managed my best set of pull ups yet which I am ecstatic with – however – I then spent over half an hour in the bathroom and I’m now on the couch with pain killers, peppermint tea and a hot water bottle.  

My next race is a week yesterday.  This better be gone by then.  It’s a fast paced 5 miles and one Im really looking forward to.  

I leave you with a little D:Ream ‘Things, can only get better’.

Ha ha ha ha ha


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