Pretty Muddy Race For Life

After what felt like the longest week in the history of long weeks I had Pretty Muddy to look forward to.  A 5km obstacle race for a charity that means a lot to not just me but many, many people.  I run Race For Life in memory of my mother in law – a remarkable woman I never had the privilege to meet.  And right now, I can’t tell you just how much I wish she was around!

My dad had his operation on Monday, it went well but he has picked up a slight chest infection.  His mood is up and down and as much as my mum says she is coping, it’s hard for her.  My chest pain hasn’t eased.  Life is difficult.  Running is the only time it doesn’t hurt.  So 5km on Saturday was just what the doctor ordered – literally! 

I picked up my friend and we had a good old gossip about kids, work and refusing to admit how old we are. (She’s older than me – by a whole year!). As we pulled in to the park there was a bit of drama over the traffic, a couple of guys got out shouting, we were stand still for a good ten minutes before things started to crawl.  It wasn’t the best.  Once parked we waited for a few more people we were running with and headed to the toilets.

The warm up was good, the sun was beginning to come out and I was finally relaxing – whilst doing high knees ha ha. Then it was straight to the start line and we were off to the familiar tune used on the adverts.  I won’t lie, I love it!!

I wouldn’t really say they were ‘obstacles’ as much as they were inflatables in the way but this race isn’t designed to test you.  It’s about getting together and doing something to fight cancer.  It was never going to be difficult and I don’t say that ignorantly, it’s just fact.  Yeah it’s hard for some but I applaud anyone who tries something new. Whether or not my friend admits it she definitely found it easy.  She runs well – she will have you believe she sucks at it but she really doesn’t.  Everyone enjoyed it and the chocolate chip bread at the end was lovely!

The drive back (when we eventually got out the park, poor organisation I’m afraid) was filled with chatter again.  I say chatter but I found myself on the receiving end of her ‘Humour’.  She finds it hard to believe I can’t touch my toes and as I was explaining how running tears your muscles she cuts me off and says she’s surprised because I am so close to them! Cheeky cow, I’m not that small!  We get on to the subject of my dad and I see her stifling a giggle through the corner of my eye.  ‘I’m so sorry’ she says, ‘but there is a cow humping another in the field behind you and it’s so funny’.  I’m telling her about my dads life saving operation and she’s laughing about 2 cows getting freaky!

But that’s what friends do.  They make you laugh when you need it the most.  They can say anything to you and you can say anything to them without fear of offending.  I needed that. 

Next year I hope my mum does it with us. She would both love it and hate it but my dad at the side cheering her on would be worth it! Tough Mudder is next weekend and they are both gutted they can’t be there.  I’m focusing on positivity though. It’s the only way to be. 

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