Stretching and Planning it out

After being told by the physio and numerous others I need to stretch more I’ve been working on it.  Not as much as I should but this weeks been better.  I looked up a beginners yoga guide to ease myself in to it and I have to say it’s definitely working! 

All the running has really tightened up my hamstrings and my desk job doesn’t help my back so I have to do something.  And let me tell you, not being able to do something you could do as a kid is a right slap in the face! Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I want to do the splits – as someone recently pointed out when would you need to – but touching your toes I think is a must, for me anyway.  And preferably without the groaning ha ha.

So yeah, lots of stretching has ensued, my youngest has been showing me how yoga should be done and my daughters been laughing at the side watching.  

However – below is the result!

Not quite at the toes – I can just touch them but I can’t stay there.  Legs aren’t straight enough but they are ok.  End of the day it’s an improvement.  I’m writing out a plan for the gym to incorporate more weights as I do enjoy that and it will help my core.  My core hurts and I’m telling myself it’s my abs screaming to come out – my husband thinks I’m truly mental ha ha.

Tomorrow is hill repeats at run club and I will be breaking in my new trainers!!! Cheap and cheerful ones as the vet bill robbed the bank account but I’m hoping to get the next marathon out of them.  During the day I’m hoping to get a good cycle in.  Tempted to do a long run but with hills at night not sure about that.  And then of course there is Pretty Muddy on Saturday – NOT in the new trainers.  

Photos from that should be good!

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