When The Going Gets Tough

It’s been a hard week – and it’s only Friday!  Work has been stressful – it’s easter holidays so we are thin on the ground – we also had system issues which meant I couldn’t get out for my lunch time run on Monday.  This didn’t bode well for my mind.  I like routine, I have a set training routine, it’s not perfect and some of the sessions need to be more focused but it works for my body and mind.  My swimming sessions haven’t quite gone to plan either as my Garmin is not measuring distance correctly so I’m not sure what my best times are.

Hubby came with me for Monday nights session though as we unexpectedly found ourselves without children.  He didn’t come in the pool as he is convinced I am a better swimmer than him and his competitive side can’t deal with that.  (It’s not true, at most we are about the same in the water).  He watched me from the balcony and gave me feedback on what he saw which was useful.  He may not be a coach or a pro but all feedback helps.

Wednesdays swim was only ok.  Tried to work on slowing my arms down but ended up swimming really slow.  There’s only so much you can do on your own so I am going to book a couple of lessons.  You tube is great but when you can’t see what you are doing it’s hard to apply it.

Running has also been ‘ok’ – missed Mondays and ran the route I don’t like but times and form were ok.

Managed a turbo session on the bike as well.

I’m not a fan.

So what’s been so tough when I have used the word ‘ok’ so much?  Tiredness.  I haven’t slept right all week and it’s caught up with me.  Yesterday I was so tired I was going to give my running group a miss.  The only reason I went was because I had to go out anyway to pick up my daughter so thought may as well.  There were only 2 of us that turned up, a few others had done Manchester Marathon so were having a recovery week.  When he said we were to run round the cricket pitch and sprint finish my heart dropped.  I was too tired for this.  I was committed though so off I went.  Usually I would push to keep up with the other guy that was there but I just didn’t have it in me last night.  We worked through 3 paces – comfortable, threshold and sprint.  If I’m honest, if I wasn’t so exhausted, I wouldn’t have got it.  Previously I have only ever thought I had one speed (hence the hatred for sprints), so to work on 3 is a bit mind blowing for me.  However, it worked.  I got it, I understood it.

The last run round I was meant to not let the group leader past me.  A challenge, I like a challenge.  Naturally he was pushing though, the intention being to make me go faster, the whole point of the running group.  I got half way round, and half way through saying ‘I’m done, I can’t do anymore’ and he started shouting at me and pushing more.

And somehow, I didn’t stop.  I didn’t exactly do a mile in 4 seconds but I did speed up.

I also wanted to collapse at the end.

It’s done though.  I didn’t make an excuse, I didn’t ‘wimp out’, I just got on and did it.  Today is a very small swim session and tomorrow is park run before a half marathon on Sunday.  I need to fit a cycle session in somewhere too.  I know my long term goal and I know I have it in me.  I have a few days away to look forward to for our anniversary and this helps –  we will of course be taking our trainers and our bikes.

One things for sure though – if it wasn’t hard the rewards wouldn’t be so worthwhile.


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