New Bike – finally!


At last!  I have finally gotten myself a road bike!  It’s taken a while – they aren’t cheap after all – and I ended up using a scheme through work to get it but at one point it looked like I wasn’t going to have it until 3 weeks before the triathlon.  This put me off signing up as although the New Years Day Tri was ok it wasn’t great on my hybrid.  Hubby came to the rescue though and here it is.  Went out on it tonight with him as I have never been on a road bike before.  Very nervous at first as I’m ridiculously over cautious about getting hurt so close to the marathon (do not stand on my feet or I will cut your heart out with a spoon!).

Went good though.  First clip in was a bit of a panic but after that I think I managed quite well ie didn’t fall.  We only went about 5 miles as I was looking at going up and down the gears and getting comfortable.  It was also really cold, I didn’t have gloves and we had to get back for the kids.

Amazed at how much faster it is compared to my hybrid, oh so much faster.  Once I get confident on it I think I could get a speed I will be happy with.  I’m not aiming to be ‘the best of the best’ – I’m 34 and haven’t been doing this very long at all – I have ambition but I’m also aware of reality.  I aim to beat myself.  I’m my competition no one else.

But if I can get close to my husbands times I won’t complain…….


Looking forward to getting out on it again, and for longer and longer rides.

On another note for anyone that read my post on nutrition I now know there are 6 essential nutrients.  And no, greens was not one of them.

Every days a school day 🙂


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