Food, Diet, Nutrition – ?

It’s no secret I know absolute zero about food!  A diet to me is to top eating, nutrition I genuinely thought meant tasty food, and, food itself?  Just something that has to be done.

I know hardly anything about food groups – carbs, proteins, what ever else there is, oh greens I think?  I don’t know.  I don’t cook, I can’t cook, it bores me to death.  Spend 4 hours in a kitchen only for it to be eaten within 10 minutes?  No thank you.  I’ve never been interested and never seen it as something that is important.

No, I’m not about to say until now.

I am having to force myself to take a Nutrition course online.    There’s many little reasons behind it – it’s quite embarrassing when someone asks me about my food intake (fruit, yoghurt, dry biscuits, protein shake, red bull and currently lucozade is my typical day).  I know that’s not helping me train but I don’t know what will.    I want to be better at running, swimming, cycling etc.  I want to be healthier. The way my brain works is I have to understand the detail, the reasons behind it all, before I can make a change.  The only way I can do that is by taking a course.  So now, a year in to my new hobby, I’m taking the first baby step in to finding out – but I’m still kicking and screaming about it.

How I am going to find time to study is another question…..but not a blockage.  Needs must.  I’m not about to completely stop drinking red bull or ditch my biscuits (which I don’t think are bad but then what do I know).  I just need educated I guess.  I’m also not about to switch career – this is for me, and effectively my family, not that I intend to start cooking.  Besides, don’t you know just how interesting insurance is………

So this afternoon after my swim session I am signing up to a very basic ‘Nutrition for Dummies’ course.  Got to start somewhere right?


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