Swimathon – done!

My last post about running 16miles was accompanied by a rather miserable photo so thought it was about time to post something a bit cheerier! I’m still proud (and impressed with myself) for posting the photo and admitting how hard it was but more on that later.

Swimming has never been my thing for 2 reasons – I never really learned and I’ve always been too body conscious to ‘expose’ myself in a swim costume.  Somehow, I’m now living in Lycra and feel the most comfortable in it! Although not swimming but the bridge has been built and I’m over it.

So I signed up for the local Swimathon to make sure I kept my swimming up as I will be doing more triathlons this year.  I opted for the 2.5km, not quite courageous enough to do 5km but 1km didn’t feel like I was pushing myself enough.  2.5km did! I managed the distance a couple of times before the event so naturally my mind switched to getting a better time.  I did start to suffer stomach cramps the few swims before it though which had me worried a little.

On the day I felt good, and my partner and youngest came with me.  Had hoped my parents would too but they thought it was 50miles away in Glasgow and not the local pool.  There were 4 of us in the lane – 2 older woman, a young lad and myself. One of the women insisted on introducing herself and I could tell this was ‘her challenge to herself’.  I loved her the minute I met her.  We were all asked if we had someone with us to count our laps but my youngest is 2 so he’s not going to sit in one place for an hour never mind 2 minutes.  I had my Garmin though and ignored the fact everyone else had an entourage of cheerleaders. 

We set of 10secs apart and I’d read there was to be no overtaking so when I caught up with the woman in front of me I expected her to wait at the end.  She didn’t.  So I thought maybe the other end.  Nope.  This went on for a few lengths until the young lad clearly had enough and went past both of us.  If he was then I was so I went past her also.  To my surprise though she grabbed my leg for half the length! I didn’t stop at the end thinking I could pull away from her but no, grabbed my leg again.  This time I did stop and let her past.  Then she slowed down!  This routine went on for good few hundred metres until I ended up kicking her in the chest – her fault not mine but oh my word I’ve never felt so bad in my life! I stopped and let her go a really good distance before continuing, I couldn’t do that again.

Other than that it was quite uneventful – the women who had introduced herself was the slowest out the 4 of us and had lots of breaks at the pool end.  Always had an encouraging word as we went past and when I said ‘keep going you’re doing good’ her reply was ‘oh I’ll finish my dear don’t you worry!’.  Fabulous determination. 

I don’t think I will do another swim challenge, it’s not really for me.  Helped keep my training on track but it’s certainly not a passion.  1 is enough and I’m happy with just 1 swim medal.



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