Did my body really just do that??

It’s nothing grotesque I promise you so please don’t skip past! Yesterday I ran the furthest I’ve ever ran – a whopping 16miles.  Not a marathon no, but further than a half.  And that my friend is something to celebrate (albeit quietly, but I am in awe of my body right now).

I went out with the intention of at least 10miles – it’s been a while since my last long run due to illness and family life.  My calves were really quite tight despite my other half massaging them the night before so I thought maybe about 10miles to play safe.  I planned a little of the route, mainly because if I don’t I would stop all the time and feel very uneasy.  That old panic/anxiety monster still lurks in the undergrowth.  Let me just give it a quick stomp! I wanted to go across the railway bridge and I wanted to sprint it so I tried taking it easy beforehand (which is a lie because I didn’t, still haven’t got my head around it being ok to run a little slower). 

Across the railway bridge and up to my brothers and back – he wasn’t in so no excuse to stop ha ha.  I was needing the bathroom by now so headed to the local sports centre, stupidly taking the long way round.  Hello, you’ve had 3 kids, when you need love you need now!  No accident though but there was a LOT of clenching (sorry, too much info?).  

I took my time, I wasn’t in a rush I was going for distance, so a good few minutes later I started off again.  Up the beautiful River Tay and back down again.  As always I was jumped on by a few dogs.  I don’t mind this, the owners are always very apologetic but they’re dogs, they do that.  I certainly wouldn’t shout and scream at a child for getting in my way so why would I shout at a dog?  Mostly dogs just try to race me, and yes, they always win.  The thing that does annoy me though are the ones on leads who’s owners are at one side of the path and the dogs on the other – effectively making a trip wire.  If I get caught out by one of them and fall im not so sure I will be quite as easy going!

Anyway, at this point I was aiming for half marathon distance.  I felt OK and I had a gel with me which I took at about 12 miles.  The only reason I took it was because I had it if I’m honest.  I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t thirsty but I had read the day before its best to have something before you feel like that so I did.  I do think it helped and I will probably continue to take a gel on longer runs.

At this point I was feeling it at the top of the inside of my leg, and by feeling it I mean I really was!  I figured it was another 2 miles back to my parents where the kids were.  It hurt, I’m not going to lie, and I’m not too proud to admit it hurt.  So what did I do?  Took a selfie of my pained face and slowed the pace right down.  I could have phoned my infamous and ever supporting mother to come and pick me up but this wasn’t about taking the easy route.  Why the selfie? Well I had read an article about why people only post their run photos when they look good and how this gives the perception that it’s easy.  This run was not easy – so yeah, I took a photo.

3 miles later – not 2! – and I was back at my parents with an ice cold water and a biscuit.  16 miles.  My body had just carried me 16 miles.  And only a year after not being able to go lamppost to lamppost. Had it really just done that?!

Next weekend is the Swimathon – where my body will swim 2.5km.  Yet another thing I was incapable of only 6 months ago! 

Challenge accepted.



6 thoughts on “Did my body really just do that??

      1. you’re most welcome! and yes, it’s an amazing accomplishment well done 🙂 oh and btw I have a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tifness it would mean alot if you check it out and tell me what you think ? ❤ I'm trying to get my numbers up! hehe. hope you're having an awesome day! xx


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