Runnerversary (it’s a real thing)

I’m celebrating my ‘Runnerversary’ just now.  The sheer fact I have been running for a year astounds no one more than me! I didn’t start because of the usual reasons (I wasn’t overweight, I didn’t fancy a challenge) – I started just to get me out the house.  It was never the intention to run more than 5k, enter any races or even talk to anyone about it.  But now, well, almost 20 ‘official’ events, 200 runs totalling 850 miles(!!!!!!!), an Instagram account that’s nothing but my training and events booked up until the end of the year – I think it’s safe to say it’s now just a way of life. 

I could never have guessed just how good it feels to know I could go out at any time and run a half marathon 


I couldn’t run between lamp posts a year ago!!

Yes my bodies changed – my weights dropped over a stone (my chest was the first to fall victim to this!), my stomach is finally toned after 3 kids and I have ‘baby abs’.   I’m still uncomfortable in a swim suit though – I look like a young boy thanks to no more lady lumps – but I pretty much live in Lycra, not something I ever thought would happen. 

What I like most though is how my mind has changed.  I’m happier now.  Something stresses me or worries me I go for a run and think it over.  Work gets on top of me I lace up at lunch time and head out.  I don’t have to go far and I don’t have to go fast, I just have to go for me.  

So in 2 months time when I’m running 26.2 miles and it gets tough (because it will, that’s bloody far let’s be honest), I will remind myself just how hard it was for me to do that 1 lap of the park at the start of this, how my mum had to walk round the opposite way just so I could still see my youngest, and I will kick my self up the arse, mutter ‘you can do this Ella’ over and over and I WILL get to that finish line.  

Because I can. 



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