Patience vs Patient

Turns out I’m not very good at being ill.  Never felt more frustrated in my life! I last ran on Wednesday and now it’s Saturday! I can’t sit up without the room spinning but lying down for more than a few minutes is boring as hell!  

Thankfully I don’t have the horrendous tap dripping from my nose or a bark worse than an Alsatians.  I’ve drank the equivalent of my local swimming pool but I’m struggling to get food down me.  I was panicking over the pain in my legs and back so went to the doctor to get it checked it out.  Husband asked if I wanted him to come in which usually I would but given my first statement to the doctor was ‘I’m worried it will affect my running’ I thought best not this time.  I was told it’s just the virus so stop worrying (doctor clearly doesn’t run). 

The worst thing though, the absolute worst thing, is waking up this morning to an email from Strava telling me someone has stolen one of my course records!!! What the actual hell?!?!?  Who is she?!? What is she playing at?!? 

Naturally my first run as soon as I can stand for more than a couple of minutes is now well and truly planned out.

I’m aiming for tomorrow – dizzy or not.

The cheek of some people. 


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