Training Update

It’s been a bit up and down recently – literally.  I can now swim 2.5km so I’m comfortable knowing I can complete the Swimathon.  I’ve been working on the breathing and relaxing and have had a good few sessions following that.  Still haven’t managed to get to Masters yet though and it’s not looking like I will soon either. 

The route I run at lunch time is getting beyond boring.  I seem to be slowing down on it as well?! I’m going to start using a map finder thing to try and pick out new routes.  Tried a new one yesterday which was a nice change.  Lots of climbs and a bad ass one at the end.  The cold got to my throat though and now I’m ill.  Even had to come home early from work and I’m off today because of it.    Feels like a house is just crushing my body.  The dizziness is a pest.  Drinking lots of water though to wash it out.

I’ve noticed I’m not as flexible as I used to be and when I saw the podiatrist he remarked how tight my legs were.  So I’m going to force myself to do a lot more stretching.  I was shocked I couldn’t touch my toes when we were doing the cool down at my running club – I’ve always been able to do things like that.  Looks like I’ve set myself another goal!


So obviously rest day today, and quite possibly tomorrow to get rid of this bug.  Next weekend I have a 10k race which I’m looking forward to.  Got to stay positive 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. That’s fab news about the swimming! Well done you 🙂 I’m also very bad at doing things like stretching and strength training. I know it’s as important as everything else it’s the first thing to get forgotten. Enjoy your new routes 🙂

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