Weekly update – back on track 

Feels like I’m back on my training plan now.  The little doesn’t get his cast off for another week but I’ve managed back to work and to set out a good plan.  Wasn’t easy mind you – the husband and I had, how shall I put it, a ‘great debate’ over the schedule.  He thinks I’m doing too much and I don’t need to do it all and I don’t want to ease up on any of it.  After a tantrum or two (yes from both of us) I finally agreed to sit at the table and re-write it – pencil firmly in my hand so he couldn’t physically score any of it off!  We have come to an agreement, and I am slowly beginning to accept that it may very occasionally be OK to miss a session.  The difficulty I have is that the exercise replaced the depression after having my youngest and I’m scared I fall back in to it. For now though, it’s agreed.  And I doubt I’m the only one who has these issues! 

So on the swimming front it’s going ok.  Been back in the pool a couple of times and got the lengths in.  Next step is buying a swim aid so I can practise strokes etc to become stronger.  I went early one morning and met the best group of people.  It’s mainly the retired that go at that time but my word are they welcoming and funny! Tried to get me in to trouble with the receptionist but she clearly knew their games!  

 I’ve pulled my hamstring ever so slightly so running isn’t at its best but I’m still getting out there.  Really looking forward to a long run soon though – there’s no better feeling than that! 

Now that I have my weights at home I’ve been focusing on squats and deadlifts to build my legs in strength (not size! Body buildings not my cup of tea!).  That’s how I’ve pulled my muscle though – too many too soon.  I was sensible and had my form checked at the gym though and my daughter videos me from time to time to keep me in check.  

Getting Stronger
 So what’s happening this weekend? I’m going to LONDON BABY!!!! Super excited about this as longed to go for ages now.  Looking forward to early morning runs round Hyde park and other iconic places – can see the photos now!! There’s also a gym at the hotel so I’m completely sorted! 

Can’t wait! 


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