Weekly update – progress!

It continues to be difficult this week fitting in training but we all have things happen that affect it.  After my push on Sunday I managed to squeeze in a run on the Tuesday.  I wasn’t in the best frame of mind so I had to force myself out for a quick 5k, keep the movement in my legs.  

It started fine, the usual first 2-3k spent wondering what the hell I’m doing and what was the point but all good after that.  I went my usual 5k route and continued on to the local park.  By this time it was pitch black and I wasn’t chancing running back down the wooded route.  Highly unlikely anything would happen but I do think a female by herself in the dark in a place like that is just asking for trouble.  I’m not one of these ‘I can do what I want and dress like I want’, type of people, I think more about consequences and is it really worth taking that risk? 

I run back up the main roads and it doesn’t bother me much.  I turn up the music and there are only a couple of traffic lights I have to pause at.  At one of these I check my strava and realise I could be in for a pb here if I keep going to 10k.  So naturally I do. 

No sooner do I kick it up a gear that I think again what they hell am I doing? There’s one more road to cross and there’s nothing coming so it’s straight over and I’m still going strong.  Last 500metres and there’s a couple walking hand in hand taking up the entire pavement.  Now I’m blowing out my behind by this point and grunting like a buffalo so they can definitely hear me coming, but, do they move?  Don’t be daft. Thankfully nothing’s coming so I jump on the road to get to the magical 10k and literally slow down to a snails pace.  Was it a pb? Oh yeah – by one second ha ha.  Still, a pb is still a pb. 

Today I managed a swim and my lovely mother managed to time it properly!  I now have a proper starting point to work off and I’m quite pleased with it to be honest. It’s only 400m and I know people who could do that in about 8mins but I’m not one of them.  My aim is 10mins for now. 

I tried to go for a run after that but my stomach was telling me no.  Did I listen? Did I heck.  My mum took the car and I started off, after ensuring she had her phone incase I had an ‘issue’.  I get 1km in and I’m seriously regretting my decision.  I thought I could run it off but that was a definite NO coming from the toilet region. I’m scanning around for the nearest bush when luckily I see my mum so I franticly wave her down and jump in.  ‘How on earth did you get this far already?’ she asks.  ‘I need a toilet NOW’ was my rather rude reply but I was on the edge!  She muttered something about it thankfully being my car and not hers and gets me to her house pronto.  

So, needless to say, not a lot of running will get done today, at least not my usual type! Don’t worry I’m not sat on the loo writing this, but I’m not far from it! 

Till next week 😂


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