Accidents Happen

Training – and events – have had to take a back seat as of late.  My gorgeous little boy (the smallest one, I have 2 boys, and 1 girl) has broken his leg.  It’s really shaken me as he’s only 2 and I don’t know any child that’s done that so young before but we are almost 2 weeks down the line and just getting on with it. 

So I’m obviously off work with him and not able to fit my usual training in.  This has made me do something I didn’t really want to do, but, it’s been needed the last week. I bought weights.  Just 2 Dumbbells and a barbell and nothing too expensive but I really didn’t want to have weights at home. However, they are being well used.  And much to the enjoyment of said 2 year old as he mimicks my deadlifts and curls! I’ve incorporated them in to tabata sessions which I can do in the living room and he doesn’t get bored and fidgety as they are fast and loud.  Win win!

I’ve been back at the swimming again and it’s quite clear I really need time in the water if I’m ever going to get to triathlon stage.  I tried timing myself with the wall clock and it was about 15mins for 400metres I think.  Need to get that right down.  Encountered my first ‘lane wars’ too – receiving a couple of deliberate kicks to my legs as a breast stroker went past me the other way.  There are 5 lanes at my pool and that night 3 had breast stroke swimmers, one was on their back and the I don’t even consider the fastest lane (remember my time?!?) so I jumped in the middle much to the disgust of this swimmer.  First time I thought nothing of it, second time was clearly deliberate as I saw her move her body towards me as I went past.  Swimming could get entertaining!

That just leaves the Great Scottish Run – or in my eyes the ‘not so great’ Scottish run.  There was no question about pulling out and I’m not even disappointed I had to. I am disappointed that when I contacted them to say why and ask if I could defer I received what was quite clearly a system generated email back saying sorry you can’t make it but no defers and no refunds within 6 weeks of the event.  That generated email has really put me off doing it next year.  

Leaving on a happier note my little boy is doing well and I have managed to have a good afternoon to myself to get some good training in so I’m going to put a separate entry up about that! It deserves its own piece!  

Swim wars

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