Trying new things

My local gym is bringing a new program in – it’s called Les Mills Grit and RPM.  Some people at the gym kept asking me if I was going to sign up so I decided to try the taster session.  Didn’t quite know what to expect, knew it was supposed to be tough but it only lasts 30 minutes.  So I went along.

There was about 10 of us in the class and there were 2 instructors.  They explained it was all high intensity and they wanted you to really push yourself the entire time.  They wanted you to get high above your comfort zone – and if you needed a break to stop completely rather than taking it down a level.  Different, hadn’t come across that before.  Anyway, we started and there were the usual push ups, burpees, high knees etc.  Weights thrown in too.  I liked it, it was tough I’m not going to lie.  At one point I was kindly reminded I have had 3 children and almost had to make a dash to the bathroom!  Thank goodness I still do pelvic floor!

The class wasn’t anything new, just done in a slightly different way to a specially designed sound track.  But if it works it works.  I don’t like the idea of only having to do 2 or 3 sessions of 30 minutes a week though.  That doesn’t work for me.  I prefer much longer sessions of exercise.  I am going to look at signing up though, see how I get on.  (And make sure I don’t drink too much before it!) 



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