Perth 10k

Last weekend saw me participating in my local 10k race.  Took a lot of ‘self talking to’ for me to go for it but I signed up and went for it.  The hubby was away all weekend on a lads trip so it was my ever supportive mum that came along to watch the kids whilst I spent an hour in my trainers.  I would be lost without my mum.

The morning started typically ok, I was up, my boys were up, my gear was ready.  Then all of a sudden plans changed and I was running late! (No pun intended!) I had wanted to walk to the event as its only 3km away but I ended up having to drive and I had my youngest in his buggy whilst I registered – one person asked me if I was running with him so I had to explain I was waiting on my mum coming.  I chose to believe they didn’t ask snidely, but I may be wrong.  My mum arrived with my daughter who had stopped at hers the night before and my little nephew – ‘are you going to win auntie Ella?’  Not likely I’m afraid! There were loads of people wearing official running club tops.  This was going to be a fast race! My knee had been niggling for over a week so I set my mind to go steady.  The half marathon I had entered was only 4 weeks away so I didn’t want to risk injury.

We were asked to move to the starting line and I placed myself about midway in the pack.  There were about 450 runners – quite a number for a small town but I could see by the running club tops many had come from other towns.  As usual the shakes started, the heart started racing so I just looked at the ground and waited for the gun.  Put my music on and off I went.  

Quite a few passed me as we started – I’m really not one for pushing through at the start, I wait until there’s a clear gap before going, and, much to my surprise, there were gaps for the first 2km.  I passed quite a few people and I was keeping a much faster pace than intended.  The route was one I regularly run at the start anyway so I was very comfortable with that.  It was cool to start off with though but got hot very quickly so I knew I would be taking on water at the station.  And, because I knew the route well, I was able to predict where the water station would be also.  Yes I could have just looked at the map but it felt good to know without looking how far 5k was! 

Past the water station and down into the housing estate where I live.  I had hoped my eldest, who was at home, might have come out to cheer me on but I was only kidding myself.  He was in his room on his Xbox! Typical teenager.  Round the big street that goes the length of the housing estate and as I turned back on to the path that takes you back to the river I passed my friends house.  I looked up at her window and there she was with her young lad waving away! What a boost! With a stupid grin on my face I continued on and sent her a text saying thank you!  I wouldn’t usually text away whilst running but it really gave me the boost I needed in the race!  I pushed on until I could see the finish and looped round to the final straight.  I could read the clock now and realised I was coming in in good time so I pushed that little bit more across the finish.  

I collected the ‘bling’ and the complimentary fudge and water and started looking for my mum.  I couldn’t see her anywhere.  The panic started creeping up and I started to feel like an idiot standing there out of breath, not knowing anyone.  I was about to go hide under a tree when my daughter and nephew appeared from no where and my mum was behind them with my youngest.  I had to sit down for a minute to get rid of that feeling and checked my strava.  I had a feeling it was a pb but my word I was pleased with the result! 51min 17 – I’m getting close to the elusive sub 50min! 

There were a lot of people around so I thanked my mum for watching the kids and coming to support me and scuttled off home – yet again forgetting to go and get my preliminary race print out! I really need to stop that and just calm the …. down.  I just ran the same race as all those people, I don’t need to run away home!  I can relax and take a moment.  That’s the aim next time.  

I got a great little medal and unusually a long sleeved t-shirt from the day along with the fudge.  It was a great event and I will be doing it next year too.  Tomorrow is another swimming lesson! Hopefully taking in less water than last time!

  The t-shirt 


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