First swimming lesson

Today I went for my very first adult swim lesson.  Big step.  I know my end goal though so I know I have to get some guidance – what better way than a proper lesson?  

Rather uncharacteristically I arrived at the pool early.  Probably a good thing too seeing as I sat in the changing rooms for a good 10 mins telling myself to grow a set and just get out there!  I was meeting the instructor at the shower cubicles which is right at the pool edge so I slipped in to the water and kept an eye out for the black t-shirt they said they would be wearing.  I’m saying ‘they’ at the moment as I had presumed it would be a woman.  No idea why but that is what I presumed.  So naturally, me being me, it threw me just a little when this young lad came up and asked if I was Ella.  Cue me sinking even lower in to the water.  

The lesson started off with me doing a short length and he assessed my technique.  Luckily it turns out I’m not as bad as I thought I was.  I did still swallow about half of the pool, still panicked a little when I tried to take a breath and my mouth was instead filled with water, and I still lost all sense of direction at points BUT IM NOT THAT BAD! My arm strokes are good and long, my elbow is sharp and my kick is ok.   He didn’t laugh when I told him I was aiming to do triathlon, there was no ‘yeah fat chance love’! Instead he had me going backwards and forwards, counting my arm strokes to judge when to breathe and basically just practising.  He said I should probably work on my stamina for swimming which, if I’m honest, I was a little offended by at the start but I would have to admit I think he’s right.  It’s completely different from running and cycling as it’s different muscle groups and to tell the truth, I was knackered by the end of the lesson! It was a good session though and it’s given me a lot to work on.

So yeah, another step forward, and another set of goals to work towards.  I will crack this, loads of practise to get in, distance to get under my belt (well swimmie) and all that.  Next lesson is next week but I will get to the pool before that – #determined.


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