New Challenge

After watching a triathlon the other week and it playing on my mind for sometime now I decided to go and see just how bad I was at swimming.  Not very positive I know but, the result was just that, bad! Breast stroke Im not too bad at but front crawl is pretty much non existent. Kind of a problem if I am even considering a triathlon!

So, I took the unusual decision to admit this via Facebook (why not? I mean I just love putting myself out there! Cringe). Anyway, it turned out to be quite a good idea as I had a huge number of people then telling me they couldn’t swim either and that such and such they know is taking lessons.  I had already asked at the local pool and they only do lessons during the day – they also gave me the impression they were filled with pensioners so I gave that a bit of a body swerve. 

 Luckily though I have found a school who can fit me in this week and next!  And even more luckily for me I think it’s actually going to be 1 on 1!! The thought of a class has had me in palpitations and thinking I might give it a miss but I have been working on overcoming some of my anxiety and this definitely looks like a positive.  Time can only tell! 
I’m still running, managed a half marathon at the end of last week and I have the local 10k this weekend.  I also did a Farklets session yesterday – it very nearly broke me! Half marathon on the Friday, 7k on the Sunday, straight to the gym to do Farklets on the treadmill then weights after.  Needless to say my legs weren’t lifting anything after that ha ha.  Took it easy today though, trying to stay sensible.  

Can’t wait till my first swim lesson! 


2 thoughts on “New Challenge

  1. Fantastic news! Enjoy the lessons. Although, in my experience, there’s usually a few people doing breast stroke in pool-based triathlons, depending on the distance etc. So don’t be too disheartened if you want to enter one and the crawl isn’t quite there yet. But 1 on 1 sounds perfect. You’ll be there in no time 🙂

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