Perth Kilt Run

For about the last 4 years my town has held a kilt run in the summer trying to break a record set by our twin town in Canada.  We haven’t broken it yet but there’s quite a few people willing to run 5k wearing a kilt in my town so I thought I would try it this year.

My youngest had had me up all night the night before so I was exhausted but I had signed up for it and borrowed a kilt from a work colleague so had to do it.  The event is only about 3km away from where I live so my mum and I walked down with the little one in his buggy.  The path to get there is also the path the run is set on and since there was a half marathon event that had started earlier we passed quite a few still running it.  We got to the North Inch (where the event was) and I went looking for the registration tent.  Could I find it? No.  Couldn’t even find any marshalls to ask so my mum asked another runner.  Back to Bells Sports Centre we went so I could register and I had to wait while it took 3 people to say to the person in front their mum had picked up her number earlier. This took some time and a large queue started forming behind me.  Eventually one of them asked me if I had registered and I said no, that’s why I was there.  They then told me sorry the event was full.  ‘I’ve already paid online and know my number though?’ I said to them.  ‘So you have registered?’ they ask.  No, that’s why I was there.  I paid online a few weeks ago and I was here to register and pick up my race number.  Eventually I got my race number. I was also given an ankle chip timer – first time I had had one of them but very comfortable.

Back on to the Inch and it was starting to get a little busier.  I looked around for the start but couldn’t see anything obvious.  I could see the finish where the half marathon runners were still coming in and wondered if that was it.  Across the tannoy it was announced we were to go to the start.   I decided to just follow the crowd but everyone seemed to be saying the same thing ‘where’s the start?’.  Luckily in a local event there’s always someone who knows so we found it.  

There was a 5k walk as well and we were all starting together so we were told runners at the front, walkers at the back.  There was the usual jostling around for a space and I almost got elbowed in the face so I just kept moving back.  I was beginning to shake though as my anxiety starting kicking in – I think it was because we were really bunched up and crowded but I really didn’t like it.  I tried to focus on just finishing and soon we were off.  I remembered to set my Strava app off as I crossed the starting mat too. I knew the route well as the first half is a regular run for me so I was happy with this.  After the first 1km I had gotten through the crowd so I was beginning to feel better.  There were quite a few kids running it which was nice, I haven’t run a race with kids before.  

Round the golf course we went and then past the cottages.  It was here I heard a familiar voice and it turned out to be the guy who takes my running group.  Not going to lie, felt really good I was running at his pace!  Of course he was talking away and I was panting and sweating but still – I was pleased!  I tried to use him as a pace maker to the end but he took off and I came in about 45secs behind him.  I should also point out he had completed the half marathon earlier that day. I don’t care though, we still finished practically the same in my eyes ha ha. 

My lovely mum was at the finish line with my little one cheering away so I took my goodie bag, removed my chip and went straight over to them.  We didn’t hang around (I couldn’t handle the crowd) so grabbed a couple of ice creams and walked home.  As I was eating my ice cream I checked my Strava only to find I hadn’t stopped it when it finishing! This frustrated me beyond belief! It’s crazy how something so small like that can be so irritating.  Still annoys me now.

Overall a good run though.  Not greatly organised and I’ve heard a few people saying they won’t be back next year for many reasons but I probably will.  The medal was surprisingly good I have to say.  I might even do the half next year.  Why not, it’s local.

Next up is farklet this week and a long run in there somewhere! 


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