Virtual Running

I have come across a website that sets ‘races’ for people who struggle to fit in races due to, well, life basically!  It’s not easy finding the time with kids, partners, work etc.  Then there’s the travel and the cost.  So this virtual site offers monthly races to take part in where you run your race, submit your evidence and they send you a medal – and some of the medals are pretty cool!  A percentage of the money goes to charity as well so it’s win/win really.

I’ve done 2 so far and I’m waiting to see how long it takes for the medals to come.  I was surprisingly excited to see a spreadsheet published with people’s times on – that’s definitely motivating me!  One of my Facebook groups has many members doing the virtual runs as well so it’s very encouraging. 

Last night I went for my Virtual Summer 5k.  I found it very difficult to stop at 5k to be honest but you’re meant to treat it as a race so I did and walked the last bit home.  Ok, that’s a lie, I walked for a little bit then sprinted the home stretch ha ha.  It was no personal best run but I have to keep reminding myself I’m still on recovery.  My new running clothes certainly helped too! 

This afternoon it’s the kilt run.  Should be a great day for the family as its a weekend festival – smiles all round 😄 


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