It’s been a week now since my operation.  I managed out for a run 4 days after it but it was hard, felt very out of breath, light headed and my wound was hurting.  Decided to wait until the evening the next day to go out as was light headed at lunch and that run was good.  Helped by a lovely cool breeze! The next day though was really rough – never struggled so much like that before so have the day after a miss.

Back out today for a 10k and then in to the gym for some weights.  Did struggle today again – I’ve noticed the few days rest combined with an operation does set you back – specifically on the breathing.  I’m ridiculously frustrated by this – I feel ok and struggle to understand why my body won’t let me do this.  I have accepted this weekend I won’t be able to do my local half marathon, again a bit frustrating but I can’t push to do it. So it’s just a 5k for me on the kilt run.  Better than nothing though.

I also noticed the weights were a little struggle today too but I almost expected that, I can feel it in my core when I’m doing them and given that’s where surgery was this makes sense to me.  It is a stark reminder how easily things can go backwards.  So that, I will remember.  Next time I don’t quite feel like it, or consider cutting a run short, or missing one of the exercises at the gym.  Yes it’s ok to occasionally do that but just focus on the end goal.  

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ run. 

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