Going the distance

After managing 10 miles in my longest run to date I decided I should go for it again so as not to lose momentum.  The difficulty I had was that I didn’t want to drive over to my parents which is where I started the last one so I decided to just go for it from home.  I said to myself ‘aim for 10 and see how you feel’.  I also took an energy gel with me as my husband kept talking about how I was going out on an empty stomach but he would have toast, banana, porridge, protein shake and gels during a run.  We quickly established I clearly have fat to burn and he doesn’t (great conversation ha ha).  

As usual it took about 3km before I settled in to the rhythm completely – I’m told this never goes, you just have to get used to it.  I felt ok and said to myself I would try the gel at 10km.  Truth be told I was hoping for a 10k pb as I have been taking part in an online running challenge but I didn’t get it.  The gel was a SiS black currant flavour.  It was ok but the texture and after taste took a little getting used to.  Could have done with a drink of water with it truth be told.  It was sticky too which was very distracting.  I didn’t really feel pushed on or an oomph from it but it also didn’t make me feel sick or give me a sore stomach which I have read happens a lot.  

I pushed on to 16km (which is about 10miles) but as it was a different route I wasn’t home yet.  That was fine with me, still felt ok.  So I kept saying to myself ‘come on it’s only another 5k to make it half marathon’.  At the same time though I was also saying to myself ‘don’t push it, you don’t want an injury, you’ve taken it sensible so far and are doing well’.  So naturally I came to a cross roads at 18km.  Turn left to go home, or turn right to add that 3km.  

I turned right.

Very slowly.

The last stretch home was definitely that – a stretch.  I’m glad I pushed though, I proved to myself I can do that distance.   And I didn’t hurt after either! I did drink about 2 litres of water which tells me I need to hydrate at that distance but I’m not one to run with water – going to have to work out something on that. I forgot to stop my running app at 13.1miles so I didn’t get my exact time on that distance but I think it was just longer than 2hours.  I’m happy with that! I want to try again soon but I have an operation this week so I think that’s going to set me back a little. 

Still, I just ran a half marathon 😄



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