10 miles – done

Just a quick post this one – I’ve been following my half marathon training plan quite well but it works in time and not distance which I have been finding hard to adjust to.  So, I decided for the long run I would aim for 10 miles.  Theory being its only about 5km after that to get me to half marathon!

I dropped the kids at my parents and set off from there.  I knew roughly a route that was around 10miles and I’ve found if I plan it in my head I feel better about it.  The first 4km (sorry, I know I’m jumping back and forth between miles and km) are pretty much down hill – very little incline.  Once I hit the first bridge though it goes up and I really felt the increase.  Kept going at a good pace though and continued up and over the second bridge.  Round the park and back over the 2 bridges and this is where it began to hit.  The last 4km were the first 4 so naturally, as they were downhill coming out, they were uphill going back. This may have been a flaw in my plan but to be honest I was concentrating on distance not speed so there was a lot of ‘up, up, up’ chanting coming from me.  I did briefly consider going that little bit further but by the time I was close to my parents house I was done.  

So, things I learnt – 

  • When I tell myself I can – I can.  
  • When I say 10 miles, I mean 10 miles – not further
  • I’m working on distance so I need to ignore speed 
  • A good play list is a must!

Until next time 😄👍🏻


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