Run or Dye 

Yesterday my daughter and I participated in Run or Dye – a running event where they through coloured cornstarch all over you to signify you getting rid of all black omens and moving forward.  It was a fun event and one I thought Lucie (my daughter) would really enjoy so I had signed us up.

The day before we had travelled up from the bottom of England which had taken us 10hours – we got home at 2.30am and had to be up at 7.30am.  Lucie was amazing though and got up with no issues and was raring to go.  Because it had been flash floods and winds we had decided it best that my husband didn’t come along with the youngest as it wasn’t fair – especially after that drive.  My mum came along to support though – good old mum 😄

We went to the registration tent and got our ‘swag bag’ which had a t-shirt and race number in as well as a packet of colour.  Lucie got stuck right in with the entertainment and was covered within 5 minutes! She loved it.  We set off on time and stared well – until the first time we ran through the colour station and Lucie didn’t close her mouth so got cornstarch in the back of her throat!  Lesson learned! She didn’t run a great deal but she was really tired from the day before so we went quite slow.  It was an uneventful course to be honest, nothing much to say about it.  I had my running app and low and behold the course came up short – it measured 4.3k! That to me is quite a bit short! I wasn’t happy with that! Lucie on the other hand was ha ha. 

There was no medal unfortunately – I did think there would be and Lucie was hoping for one. We did cover my mum in starch at the end though which she took very well.  My daughter wants to do this one again next year so you never know. 



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