Race For Life 10k and 5k

A little late in posting this but I’ve had quite a bit on.  Still, I haven’t forgotten!

I decided to do both the 10k and 5k for a number of reasons.  I wanted to do the 5k with my mum and my daughter to encourage them and I knew they wouldn’t be able to run the whole way.  Doing the 10k before it would get most of my energy out of the way and I wouldn’t get that frustrated feeling which wouldn’t be fair to my mum or daughter.  It would feel more challenging doing it this way too. 

Morning of the race and my husband came down with me as the weather was good – he brought our youngest in his buggy and he got flags so he could keep him entertained.  I was nervous even though there wasn’t a lot of people – I think it was because I knew there would be people from work there and that made me a little anxious.  I headed off to the start line and tried to get quite near the front, confident enough that I could do a fairly good time.  I hadn’t realised it was 2 laps of the same circuit though and I have to say I’m not a fan of that.  Still, we set off on time and I had decided, because of the way I was feeling, to put my earphones in and try to focus my mind and get past the anxiety.  I made not bad time on the first lap – it was along a route I do often so I enjoyed that.  Round the park and back out again and I was going past the walkers on their way in.  Many were dressed up which gave me a giggle. As I was coming back in to the park I met a few from work on the other side of the path heading out – they were in good spirits and I heard them over my earphones! 😄 As I crossed the finishe line it said 54mins which is a great time for me but my running app said it wasn’t 10k so naturally I had to keep going until it did – spot the saddo ha ha.  

I had about 40mins before the 5k started so I grabbed some water and waited with the hubby and little one until it was time.  My mum was nervous but I kept telling her she could manage this no problem.  We set off at the back of the joggers and my mum started jogging for a bit.  I kept telling her to slow down a bit but she was going for it!  She practically jogged the whole way round! My daughter on the other hand wasn’t quite so in to it.  She was quite tired and I don’t think she was really feeling it.  We finished the 5k in a really good time and I was very proud of my mum.   My daughter was really tired and went back to her dads for a sleep ha ha.  

I will definitely do it again next year.  I was surprised there weren’t more people there to be honest, I had been expecting quite a few more! It was good though and we all enjoyed it. 



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