Boom Boom New PB! 

Not that the title is a give away or anything but yeah, my timed 5k was a success! 

Met as usual at the standing stones and there were only 4 of us that turned up.  I had taken my bike to get there and back so chained it up and sat on the stones for the 0-5k group to finish.  The weather was very overcast and was drizzling rain at us but it wasn’t too bad.  We had the usual discussion of how things had gone that week and I mentioned my knees were hurting a little.  I said I was pretty sure it was down to squats in circuits class the night before and the trainer that takes the running group showed me where I was going wrong! No more sore knees for me! 

Anyway, all too quickly we were off, and I really wasn’t in the mood.  The guy who has done a lot of running wasn’t there (not that I use him to pace as he’s too fast for me) but the other girl who I am just a little slower than was.  Started as usual and I was going to try and pace behind her but decided to just go ahead and focus on pushing for when she undoubtedly overtook me.  The route is 2 laps round the local park and about 300m more and it was a nice surprise to see our trainer cross the park to encourage us on.  Naturally the rain started to get heavier so I tried to focus more and more on lifting my knees higher.  I think a lot of my hill runs have been helping with this as it felt a little better. Got to the stretch where the other girl normally overtakes me – but – nothing.  I refuse to look behind me to see where she is as ultimately I’m racing against myself 5 weeks ago not anyone else.  It is strange that I can’t hear the trainer shouting at anyone else though.  Up to the home stretch and he’s shouting at me to go faster (are you kidding?) I try and manage a measly little increase trying to ignore the people around watching and finish – in the pouring rain.  My time? 25mins 30secs! It took me weeks and weeks to get under 30mins and now I’m under 26! I am really pleased with this! 

The other girl came in and it turns out she had sore shins so that explains how she never over took me.  Her best 5k is still faster than mine by about 6 seconds.  The oldest member came in not long after and my word she came in fast – talk about a strong finish! 

Going to miss the group until it starts up again – it’s been worth every sweaty, breathless minute! I can really see improvements in myself.  

Tomorrow is the race for life and I’m doing the 10k myself then the 5k with my mum and my daughter.  Just hoping it’s not pouring with rain! 


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