Training – week 4

So this week has been a really good week (except the food issue but I’m getting back on track slowly).  Tough Mudder didn’t take it out of me anywhere near as much as I thought it might, probably due to having to stop for others a lot so I was able to get out running again on Monday during my lunch.  Tuesday I was out again and this time did a hill run which was quite tough, Wednesday I repeated Monday’s route and improved my time (there’s a strava segment I want to get to the top of the leaderboard on ha ha).  I also managed circuits on Wednesday and there were only 4 of us in the class so we got through everything which was a nice change.  Last week we were in pairs and I found that my partner and I were stuck behind a slower pair, not their fault obviously but that doesn’t stop the frustration.

On to Thursday and running club.  We met at the usual place and Steve said we were heading the other direction.  Out the park and up and over the bridge and it looked like we were going up Kinnoull Hill which is really steep!  Bottom of the hill and we turn left though so maybe not.  But, alas, just a little way down the road and he turns up the way.  I’m kicking myself at this point as I hadn’t turned my running app on.  He turns up a very steep road and stops to tell us we will be working on hill sprints.  We go a little way up(I say a little but it felt far) and jog back down 5 times, then further up and down 4 times, then even further up and down 3 times.  I found the extra little bit each time difficult at first and could really feel it in my calves but kept going.  We then run back down hill which I always find hard as I’m scared of falling! (Such a wimp) and back to park.  One of the other girls asks how far we had run and we estimate it to be about 5 miles which she is delighted with as she says she’s never run that far before.  It had been spitting with rain the whole time so I was drenched but I felt really good after that session! 

Friday was my long run – 13km for me.  First time I had needed the bathroom whilst out running and I really had to slow it down to prevent any, ahem, ‘accidents’ shall we say! Was very close!  Saturday I got to the gym to do the dreaded treadmill session and more weights and today I was back in the gym after climbing with the husband and the eldest son. 

What I have realised though is that I need to up my distance in my running – aim for 15km soon.  I’ve got the 10k Race For Life followed straight after with the 5k next weekend but the 5k will be more of a walk with my mum and daughter.  I also need to increase the weights at the gym.  I’m so scared of injuring myself though – like stupidly scared! Hopefully now my husband has signed up I can get him to push me on them and make sure my form is right so I don’t cause an injury. He saw me pushing 80k on the seated leg lift and said I didn’t look bothered by it – I need to be lifting a weight that heavy it’s almost impossible.  

Our joint training calendar starts next week – this is going to be interesting! 


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