Food – still learning at 33

Back in March I went out on my bike for the first time in about 8 months.  Thought I would be fine and genuinely didn’t think it would be that challenging.  

How wrong was I?!

I got about two thirds of the way round the Loch and I was done, and I mean done!  I’ve never felt exhaustion in my legs like that before.  I just could not keep pedalling and ended up even walking.  All I had had to eat was a Boost bar on the drive there and a can of red bull – I went cycling at lunch time.  Yes, I know (now), incredibly stupid.  It’s no wonder I couldn’t get round the Loch.

Fast forward 3 months and I’m much better with food now.  I eat quorn regularly at night with couscous, most days I will have bran flakes for breakfast for the fibre and I will even try and have lunch.  My diet isn’t great I know this – it’s the fear of putting on weight simply by eating and I need to get over that and understand food more.  I do drink protein shakes to help with my weight training as I understand I need protein and they help repair the muscles, but yes, still room for improvement.

The morning of Tough Mudder though was a complete fail.  I had planned on porridge for breakfast with one or two bananas along the way.  I ended up with red bull and a couple of biscuits someone had on the bus.  So yeah, I knew that was not acceptable.  What I didn’t know was that I was then going to feel ridiculously dizzy for 2 days after the event because I had drained my body so much.  Utterly stupid.  The event pushed me but I came out with no pain, no muscle soreness, nothing.  Just this dizziness because of my diet.  So the last 2 days I tried increasing high sugar foods as that has worked in the past and I’ve force fed myself meals.  I’ve also had to start on iron tablets to get that back up.  I came very close to falling over today (and at work of all places) so trust me, it’s lesson learnt on this.  

I did still manage a run today and my legs felt good, gave me a little boost in my confidence. Lunch time runs at work always feel good 😊


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