Stressing Out – Before the Moonwalk

its not been a great week to say the least.  As predicted I haven’t been able to get out on my runs as usual.  Got my long one completed on Sunday so that was good but on Monday my legs were hurting so I decided to use the cross trainer instead and finished off with weights.  Tuesday I took the youngest up Moncreiffe Hill with a buggy that had a flat tyre.  11km up and round and boy were my shoulders hurting after! Felt like an intense weights session ha ha.  I went back up later that night with my daughter (she’s 10) to do hill sprints as per training schedule.  Got a little scared though as there were 3 very suspicious looking men there and the first thing that came to mind was child trafficking! Don’t ask me why.  Wednesday I managed circuits class and a little 7km walk and Thursday was a 14km walk.  

That takes me to Friday, and waking up with really sore legs at the side at the top.  Get out of bed and I’m walking like an old lady – not good when the moonwalk is the next day.  Tried to ignore it and walked in to town and back so I could measure myself on a machine in Boots (interestingly I seem to grow one week then shrink the next ha ha).  Not the best idea.  It’s now Saturday afternoon and the pain is not going – how I’m going to manage 26 miles tonight is anyone’s guess.  

The girl I’m doing it with has been in frantic contact though so does look like she is coming – that’s a bonus.  Typically though I haven’t finished my bra:-( Hence why I’m so stressed.  Oh, that and the fact I’ve not managed to reach my target of a measly £150 – this makes me very sad:-( 

I will keep going though, and I will complete the 26 miles.  After I will badger anyone and everyone to get to target. 

And next week…… it’s back to running more…..and then Tough Mudder!  

Top Hat is done at least

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