Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

I’ve found a training programme to help me get prepare for a half marathon (nothing special, think they are all the same really) so started it this week.  Farklets were quite interesting!  I decided to do them on the treadmill as it was done on time and I find it difficult to ignore distance when I am out.  I was sweating!! Felt a bit of an idiot going fast then slow on the treadmill but never mind.  As I was at the m I managed to get some weights in too in preparation for Tough Mudder.  I can now proudly say I can do pull ups on the bar at home:-) They are so much tougher than you think!  Well, if you’re unfit I guess, but I can do them now 🙂

I also went to my first session at the running club – another big step forward.  There were about 10 people, all of whom had been before.  We started off with a timed 5k and I thought I had been quite clever leaving my phone in the car but nope, everyone had theirs, and their sports watches (I had also left this at home, oops).  We were stood in a line waiting for everyone’s gadgets to load and I was desperately trying to get up the courage to say ‘I’m not really very fast, I don’t know how long this is going to take me’.  The words never came though and all of a sudden we were off.  There was the usual guy – EMF Finisher t-shirt, shorts, £600 sports watch, loads of stories of ‘when I did this’ – we all know the kind.  Anyway he was off, shock horror.  Surprisingly though I was only 2 people behind him, and I have to say, I was quite pleased with that! My run was timed at 26mins 28 and I think we get timed again after the 5 sessions – be curious to see if I improve on that.  We then did some ‘cadence’ which I couldn’t really get the hang of but we have to try it on our runs for the next week so we will see.

My mum is away for the week so I doubt I’m going to get to a lot of my sessions unfortunately.  I need to make my costume for the moon walk next weekend – something I am now petrified of doing.  How I didn’t realise I have to do it in my bra I do not know!  It’s the whole point!  It doesn’t look like the girl I am meant to be doing it with is that committed either so looks like I am on my own – in a bra – in the middle of the night – with no one even at the start or finish:-( I’m dreading it.  I won’t pull out but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to.  

They say the hardest things are the most rewarding – here’s hoping.


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